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  1. rogelioii

    A Stiff Neck

    I slept funny last night but woke up not laughing with a stiff neck. Normally, I wouldn't care since it goes away after a day or two, but I wanted to play in a tournament tonight but I can barely look up, so I can't even get into my stance... Anyone know of a quick fix to this so I can play...
  2. rogelioii

    9-ball Ghost Spreadsheet

    For the real geeks out there.... A couple people have asked for the spreadsheet i've created to track my game. here it is.
  3. rogelioii


    i'm about to watch the alcano v wu match... i'll be in the az chatroom in case anyone wants to join me. go ronnie!
  4. rogelioii

    IPT Chalk

    Who's used it? How does it play? How does it compare to Master Blue? From the IPT website it looks a little darker than the Simonis Tournament Blue color (used in US open).... I'm thinking about ordering a gross but I don't want it making ugly marks on my table. Thoughts?
  5. rogelioii

    Audio Broadcast

    Anyone know of a way to listen to the finals broadcast? Eurosport is broadcasting Racing.......
  6. rogelioii

    Strickland vs. Vandenberg

    anyone know what earl and nick were yapping about after their match? I know earl was apologizing for something.. I couldn't hear it very well from the live audio
  7. rogelioii

    OLN Feedback Link

    For the lazy ones.... Perhaps we can support our wonderful sport by giving some positive feedback to OLN for putting IPT's KOH on TV....
  8. rogelioii

    Videotaping your practice

    Has anyone videotaped their practice session and seriously analyzed it? Last night, I turned on my camera and shot some straight in shots. I lined up 8 balls about 2 balls apart from one side pocket to another, I placed cue balls 3 diamonds away, and straight in stop shots. My goal was to...
  9. rogelioii

    Efren's Eye Surgery

    Anyone have any thoughts on this? Do you think he will be able to perform better with them? Back to his old form? Win any more major championships? etc?
  10. rogelioii


    Jenn, I saw that you have autographed a big picture of yourself in a pool hall by Shanghai Stadium... Have you actually been here? I'm here on business for another week or so... Just wanted to know what your shanghai experience was like. -roel
  11. rogelioii

    Super Billiards Expo Amateur Event

    Has anyone ever played in this? What's the level of competition like? Should one expect to face someone APA Level 7,8,9 right off the bat? I'm contemplating competing in it this year. thanks, roel
  12. rogelioii

    Sigel-Varner Cues

    Does anyone know the history of this queue? I bought this from a retail game room shop about 3 years back. I have not seen anyone with this brand of cue yet, and was wondering if it was discontinued and why? For those of you who have used it, what did you think of it? As of now, I have...