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  1. SeabrookMiglla

    Adam AH-10 Ritz discontinued?

    Hi yall! I am interested in finding an Adam AH-10. According to numerous web sites they are discontinued. If anyone has an older AH-10 or newer AH-10 (which were being made in Japan?) im also looking for general information, how does the shaft play etc. is the shaft whippy or stiff? taper etc...
  2. SeabrookMiglla

    efren-earl stream issues?

    Hello all, cant see the 9 ball match but can see the chat. Anybody else having issues?
  3. SeabrookMiglla

    Adams Cue Info Please!

    Hey all, I am in the market for a new cue and am looking at these Adams Pool Cues. Specifically the AH-10 or FG-12 I have looked through the search engine of this forum and have heard a little bit about this cue but not that...
  4. SeabrookMiglla

    just wondering...

    Not sure if this has been brought up before but... I have been wondering if these players would agree to play doubles in 9 ball: Earl and Efren vs. Alex and Shane. Would this match ever be possible to set up? That is a race that I would definitely be willing to pay good money to see, regardless...
  5. SeabrookMiglla

    Predator Ikon 9 & 2 Shafts

    Have a brand new Predator Ikon 9 for sale with two shafts. including a Z2 and a 314 shaft. 1000$ or best offer, message me for more information
  6. SeabrookMiglla

    Predator Ikon 9 & 2 Shafts

    I have a Predator Ikon 9 for sale with two shafts: Z Square and a 314 squared 12.5 mm with kamui tips on both of them. This cue is brand new! 1000$ or best offer! message me if you want
  7. SeabrookMiglla

    another "which cue of these 2" thread

    Hey AZ Billiards, I am in the market for a new cue and have narrowed down my options to these two items: The only thing keeping me from making my final decision is that i have never...
  8. SeabrookMiglla

    Improving through different games effective?

    Hi all, I am new to this forum and to the game of pool, this website has some great insight so you will probably see me around. I have been playing pool regularly for a little over six months now and have recently been participating in 9 ball tournaments at a couple of local pool halls. my...