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    New Carbon Fiber Shaft

    Hey Guys, I have new carbon fiber cue shafts I'd like you to consider. I own most of the current production models and this one plays as good as any and better than most IMO. They've been discussed a lot on this THREAD as well if you are looking for more information or you can visit my...
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    Frank Paradise Tribute Cue

    Hi guys, I’ve been making some Frank Paradise tribute cues, which is to say it is made in that style, but not a replica cue. I love the style of the classic cues and this one has that look. You could go out and buy an original Paradise or early Palmer, but this is a better choice in many ways...
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    Thomas Wayne

    I'm interested in buying a Thomas Wayne cue if someone has one for sale Sent from my H3123 using Tapatalk
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    WTB: Burton Spain and Kersenbrock Cue Building books

    Interested in buying the Burton Spain manuals and the Kersenbrock Cue Building books. Never read either and I'm curious too.
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    Pocket templates?

    Anyone know if someone sells a template to cut the pocket openings on a table when replacing the cushions? I have a very old 9ft table with tight pockets. They are just under 4.25". I've read a couple of suggestions for what the pocket width should be and I'm confused about how to resize...
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    Pocket templates?

    I was wondering if anybody here new if someone sells templates for cutting the cushions around the pockets when recovering a table. I have looked all over and can't find anything like that. I have a very old 9ft table and the pockets are really tight... Far tighter than a modern table. I was...
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    Paradise cue

    Looking for a paradise cue. Will consider any model or condition. Contact with pics and asking price?
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    Deluxe Cuesmith Lathe and Inlay Attachment

    Take a look at the cuesmith deluxe cue building lathe and inlay attachment posted on Ebay. :thumbup:
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    Deluxe Cuesmith and Inlay Attachment for Sale

    Take a look at the Deluxe Cuesmith cue making lathe with inlay attachment selling on Ebay. :thumbup: