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  1. td873

    offered to adjust and refused

    Counterpoint: in my golf game, I often leave myself WAY worse than any opponent would in one pocket. ha. -td
  2. td873

    offered to adjust and refused

    I'm with Bob on this. One pocket is particularly unique regarding spots. It's much easier to stall or hold back your game in one hole. As Bob alluded, without the spot, you won't be [on the gold bar / on the stack / jacked up / hooked] every shot. You'll see a lot of flyers that would never...
  3. td873

    Brand new Diamond table marking balls

    Mine does that as well. If you hit balls hard into the pockets, they get dirty. I did contact them about it and there wasn't really an easy solution. -td
  4. td873

    Eddie Robin -- Position Play in 3-Cushion Billiards

    I’ll take this one, bob. Will pm you. -td
  5. td873

    LED Light

    Depending on your budget, you have a lot of options. I highly recommend Littman lights. Predator has that crazy arena light as well. And there are a few other simple panel solutions. -td
  6. td873

    Funny pic/gif thread...

    Like it was meant to be...
  7. td873

    Watch Efren Shoot 1000

    Good watch every time. A couple fortunate rolls never hurt the GOAT! -td
  8. td873


    I missed the 36th ball. Wasn’t even a hard shot. Ha! Will give it another go soon!
  9. td873

    Beat my draw!

    Close on shot 2... -td
  10. td873

    Beat my draw!

    I need a trick-shot/luck roll to get to the 3rd rail. ha! -td
  11. td873

    How Wide Is A Row Of Beads

    My beads are just about 32" per color. ~64" total. I use an 8' section for them to slide both directions. I mounted with turn buckles on both sides. -td
  12. td873


    What device are you using for shooting video? If a phone of some manner, this one works well. [tripod with gooseneck]
  13. td873

    What is Pool’s Equivalent of a Hole-In-One in Golf?

    Maybe 147? Or 626. (Ha!) That’s all I can think of. -td
  14. td873

    Southeast Houston Players

    I'm in Pearland. I know you were close by a while back, but don't know if you've relocated. I'm about a mile or so from round about [McHard/Pearland Pkwy]. I'm pretty pressed for time with work and kids, but I shoot as much pool as I can here at home. Don't make it to the pool hall much...
  15. td873

    Inside Pool Magazine -- eight issues needed

    Bob, I looked in my stash and don't have those issues any longer. As it turns out I purged much of my magazines long ago. But, for some reason, I have a handful of fairly old ones [1987 and 1993], which are in OK condition. Not great, but OK. I also have 2 unopened magazines -> which I...
  16. td873

    Better stroke seems to have led to less effective force follow

    +1 with BBB. Hit higher. Raise your bridge up usually works. Also, get your phone and take a video from the side. You'll be able to see how much room you have to go "up" on the cue ball. -td
  17. td873

    626 is it legit?

    It's interesting that you respond multiple time to the same post - apparently you needed extra time to respond. I know a lot of folks that need to get another word in on the same point. I still find it amusing that you continue to underscore my point regarding the way of the world. Also...
  18. td873

    626 is it legit?

    All my posts remain where they were. Apparently your "hawk" eyes missed them in the multitude of other threads... Isn't it interesting that the way of the world keeps playing out just as I noted - even in your commentary. Irony. -td Edit: just so you don't continue to make baseless...
  19. td873

    Mosconi 526 Stop the Steal

    Actually, I never met Bob. And only know him (of him) through the internet. His video is available for your independent review. For this specific issue, you asked for proof of his playing, and I provided it. Also, you appear to have missed the cliché "proof is in the pudding" I'll expound...
  20. td873

    Is Schmidt's and charlie 626 Legit

    The unfortunate reality for this game is that there is generally very little money in it, anyway. Making anything that resembles a "living" is quite hard, if not impossible. I actually don't begrudge someone that tries to monetize something in pool -> whether it's a Youtube Channel, Patreon...