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  1. magnetardo

    It's George 2X4

    For sale old It's George 2X4 case Black and white snakeskin, I'm assuming vinyl or leather? I just took this in on trade and don't know much about these cases. After the It's George name there is a "-V" I don't know if that is a way to date the case or not. $125 + shipping I was told it is...
  2. magnetardo

    mini lathe parts

    I have a few parts for a Harbor Freight Mini 7x10 lathe. new never used, they were taken off a new lathe, I checked the motor and controller with my lathe and they both function perfectly. Not really sure what to ask how about: 3/4 hp motor $100 + shipping Motor controller $75 + shipping 3...
  3. magnetardo

    Scruggs sneaky

    What do you guys think a Scruggs sneaky is worth, true sneaky no joint collars or buttcap in near mint condition still has the original tip :) 19oz 12.75mm purpleheart butt(ordered from Tim at 12.75) Any help would be appreciated!
  4. magnetardo

    Slate for sale

    If anyone is interested in purchasing any slate a friend of mine is moving his shop and looking to sell some off before he moves, he has: around 25 matched sets of 9' Italian slate this is NOS from Brunswick from app. mid to late '70's Standard Gold Crown replacement slate, it does not have...
  5. magnetardo

    Whitten knock off 2X4 case

  6. magnetardo

    FS SouthWest copy

  7. magnetardo

    FS Schuler Cue

    This is a friends cue I'm selling for him, I was told it is a SC-250 but I'm not 100% sure on the model number. It is an original Ray Schuler not an SLC model. The cue has been refinished once by Scot at proficient billiards, but it is in need of another refinish. Here's the pictures from Scot's...
  8. magnetardo

    FS Giuseppe 3x6

    FS used Giuseppe 3x6 light gray, small nick in the lid (hopefully the pic picked it up.) SOLD.
  9. magnetardo

    1945 Brunswick Anniversary 9'

    I'm posting this for a friend, 1945 9' Brunswick Anniversary table. Table is in good orig shape. Asking $1,300 picked up in the Joliet IL area. Prof. del and restoration services available for this or any other table. Here's a couple pics... one of the blinds are not installed in the pic but it...
  10. magnetardo

    FT/FS Universal Smart Shaft

    Up for sale or trade Universal Smart Shaft low squirt shaft 5/16X18 flat faced joint will sell outright or trade for an OB-1 shaft. Pics will be up later or tomorrow. 12.75mm triangle tip. 125+shipping gets it.
  11. magnetardo

    WTS Widowmaker by Greg Hearn

    I have a 6pt Widowmaker up for sale or trade, comes with 3 shafts, 1 by Hearn that has close but not exactly matching joint collar and 2 predator shafts with black collars I will get a price and new pics up tomorrow morning. It's a longer than standard cue 59.5" orig shaft is 12mm ivory shaft...
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  13. magnetardo

    barkcinnamon/parismango/blog mole

    Blog mole just PM'd me with his ebay info his response: Re: Blue Book Set Volumes 1, 2 & 3 eBay - PARISMANGO - (use eBay messaging system). Anyone wanting me to forward the PM's to them let me know. Watch out for this scumbag!
  14. magnetardo

    Question for dealers

    This may belong in the general forum but I thought I would try it here first. I'm really looking for dealers opinions but all are welcome to reply. My question is what value if any does a cues provenance come to play in it's value. Let's say you have a well known and respected cuemaker...
  15. magnetardo


    Just wondering since it is now 11/3 (aka the ban date), was this ever resolved?
  16. magnetardo

    WTB ball set

    Does anyone know who makes or where ot get a set of balls 1-9 that has no numbers on them? I know Bert Kinister uses a set like that in his videos. Also looking for a good used set of Aramith pro or Brunswick Centennials. Thanks!
  17. magnetardo

    Schon ST1

    A friend just listed a Schon ST-2 on ebay 100.00 no reserve
  18. magnetardo

    Joint protectors for sale sweet deal! PS they're not mine!