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    Pat Diveney Custom Pool Cue - Bidding starts at 400.00

    Bidding starts at 400.00. It is a 7 day auction. Buy it now for 1200.00. Thank you for the bids. Listing has ended.
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    Why do players turn there cue to a certain spot?

    I was watching Francisco Bustamante when I saw him do it in this video (it should be at the right spot in the video): Thanks
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    What break cue is this?

    What break cue is this? (the one busti using) thanks
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    Sledgehammer Break Versus A More Controlled Break? Which is better?

    I might be a little behind the times. When I began playing pool a really hard break much like Earl Strickland and Francisco Bustamante was what you wanted to do. But now you have the cut break and everything. A slower more controlled break. Which do you think is the better break? I never really...
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    Mike Gulyassy Sledgehammer Break Cue? What do you recommend?

    I am thinking about getting a Mike Gulyassy Sledgehammer. What do you think of them? Any recommendations for a break cue. I prefer hard leather tips. Thank you
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    2018 Pat Diveney Custom Cue

    I am giving it away for 850.00. Relisted...See above post.
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    Owning Cues Over $1000? Is there a big risk of getting it stolen?

    I just bought a Pat Diveney cue used. New I bet it was worth around $3000 brand new. I have never owned a expensive cue and have always shot with a cue that cost about 400.00. Is it a good idea to use a cue this expensive in a public pool hall. I only bought it for the playability as I have...
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    Diveney Cue Weight Bolt

    Edit: My scale was off that time or something. The cue actually weighs 18 ounces. Thanks for the replies.
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    Diveney Cue Weight Bolt

    Edit: The cue weighs 18 ounces. My scale was off or something. Thanks for the replies.
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    What kind of metal file is best? (for retipping a cue)

    Currently I have a metal file that is not doing a good job. It always looks like I have smoothed out the cuts (from cutting down the 14mm tip to a 13mm size shaft) but after wetting the sides of the tip and using a dollar billl to smooth out (burnish) the sides of the tip after I am done I can...
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    Break Cue (very hard tip) Tip Tool Roughener

    The tip on my break cue is so hard I can't even rough it up. Can someone recommend a good way or tip tool to do this? When the tip is very rough break is much better. (Most of the tip tools I have bought are cheap and fall apart or need the sand paper replaced on a normal basis)
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    Ronnie Alcano, Francisco Bustamante or Dennis Orcollo? Who's better?

    I really enjoy watching the Filipino players play pool. I think that they play very smart. Not to say there is not equally good American players however. Ronnie Alcano is not as heard of as much as Francisco Bustamante but is quite good. They both have very long strokes and play very similar...
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    Dennis Orcollo's Moori Tip

    Does anyone know what hardness Dennis Orcollos Moori tip is. Also does anyone know the shaft tip diameter? Also it looks like there are different types of Moori tips. Which type does he use.
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    Professional Pool Tournaments

    Once the World Pool Championships was held half an hour from where I live and I did not know. I would like to attend a Las Vegas pool tournament. Where is there a complete list of pool tournaments. Where I have looked not all pro tournaments are listed. Can you give me some links of where...
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    Butts That Fits Falcon Pool Cue Shafts

    As the title states looking for a better butt to fit my falcon pool cue shafts. Or maybe you can recommend a way to rebalance my current pool cue butt. I tend to like the weight balanced more in the middle instead of too much forward weight or too much weight towards the back of the cue. It is...
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    Switch pool cue butts but keeping my shafts - 5/16x14

    I have a falcon pool cue butt. I like the pool cue butt but it is not ideal. I would like to look for a new butt. I have a schon shaft, a falcon shaft, and a diveney shaft that I would like to use with a pool cue butt that I like better. They are 5/16x14 steel shaft. I know that I had to have...
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    Cleaning The Ferrule

    Hello I like retipping my own cues. Often times there is a little glue leftover on the ferrule. How do you clean the ferrule? Thank you!
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    Weight Bolts

    Hello I have a falcon cue that is 18 oz. I cannot get any manufacturer weight bolts. I tried the business where I purchased the cue but they told me to buy some weight bolts from a hardware store. So that is what I did. Although I was only able to make the cue 19.5 oz. The weight bolts were not...
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    Grip for a pool cue butt

    I like watching the filipino players a lot and try to mimick their style of playing. Bustamante has a very light grip and he just lets his wrist relax throughout the stroke. When I do this the butt slips through my fingers. Is there any way to make the thread on your butt stickier (you know...
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    Loose part on vintage Adam?

    the plastic piece sorrounding the pin on the butt (the joint) is loose and can be pulled off (I can post a picture if you like just ask ok). I could probably play with the cue this way but would like to fix it. How can I fix it? Thank you!!