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    Turning Stone Matches

    Anyone know when/where they will post the line up for the 4pm matches that start today?
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    How to Resurrect Bonus Ball

    How to create an audience for Bonus Ball: Step #1: Change game to Team 8-ball. That is all. Ps: Hire someone with a business education, actually someone with any kind of education would be helpful. A dumb monkey with a camera is not the best idea to use as a public relations/business...
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    SEC ESPN Network

    The SEC and ESPN announce the launch of the SEC Network- A new tv channel mainly for football/basketball. So how does one go about trying to get pool added as a collegiate level sport? Does anyone know if the BCA, WPA or CSI ever attempted to contact the NCAA about having pool added? With...
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    Mosconi Cup Equipment

    Anyone know what cue-tip-chalk each European and American is using? I believe Johnny Archer is using a Scorpion cue(not sure if he is sponsored), Mike Dechaine uses and is sponsored by Predator cues. Shane Van Boening uses and is sponsored by cuetec. Not sure about Dennis Hatch, Brandon Shuff...
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    TAR Podcast this week

    Is there going to be a TAR Podcast this week? I'm going through withdrawal!
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    WTB: Pool Light for 9ft table

    Looking for a pool light for my 9ft table. Would prefer a used diamond light but open to others. Please include pic/w price. Thanks
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    Any vendors at Turning Stone?

    I need a new cue and was wondering what the vendors are carrying if any? Almost pulled the trigger on a predator sneaky pete with z2 shaft on seyberts but would really like to try the cue I'm going to buy and I'm open to anything. The dufferin one-piece I have is getting long in the tooth.
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    Ever hear of a Gold Crown III w/ silver castings & black rails?

    Having a hard time find info on this table. Believe it came out for just a short period of time with Kimball piano black top rails. Anyone know if it is possible to buy a set of those rails and put them on a gc III? Would like to know what year they came out and what they go for? Thanks in...
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    WTB: 9' Pool Table

    Looking for a 9 foot table for my home. I live in Oswego NY and not too many listings in my area. My budget would ideally be $2,000-$2,500. Max range would be $4,500 but would prefer to stay in the lower range. Any Suggestions? If you have a table please provide pics. Thanks!!:):)