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    Mind of Steel - Goal Setting byb Dr. Christopher Stankovich

    I am not sure goal settings applies to sports that luck factor over 30 or 40% , no mater what goals you set, a fluke by opponent will destroy goals unfortinatly. Sure goals setting will help your shot making and position. just my thoughts
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    How did Florian Kohler do this trick shot

    All copy rights to ESPN Sports Network. Check this trick shot out, it is one of the shots shown on ESPN Trick Shot Magic show on 12/28. Does anyone has a clue or can do it? help! Even Andy Sigel could not avoid the double kiss to the one!! Thanks.
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    How Did Party Poker made money

    I am trying to figure this one on my own and having difficulty? If all UK fans bet that UK is going to win, obviously Party Poker had to pay a lot and i suspect they lost their shirt! on MC; I can see, filled up arena could fetch few bucks. I presume there were no match fixing , or something...
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    Two OB2 Shafts used for sale in Washington DC & NV area only

    Hello all, I purchased the 1st OB-2 Shafts 5/16 x 18 Black Collar 11.75mm O a year ago, used it and loved it, did not let me carry on in a country overseas and was too late so i kept it with a friend, i lost hope of getting it back, so i bough 2nd identical Shaft used for six...
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    Johnny Archer 7-W Tanaka Masaaki Japan Open

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    Watch the master Ronnie play the finals Snooker

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    pool in Peoria Illinois

    Is there a good pool hall in Peoria, Illinois thanks
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    International Snooker Championship- Ronnie O's Out

    Finally Mark Williams beat Ronnie, after 11 years of trying! Good for Mark, hope he wins it all!
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    where is CJ the TOI master

    Have not heard from him, did he play at the open??
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    Why Dennis ORCOLLO walked over Mike D & Nick as if they do not exist?

    I am curious to why Dennis ORCOLLO smashed Mike D & Nick the Greek, and his country men last matches before the final? is he really that good or got lucky? it is unreal!
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    MIKA IMMONEN Record in 2009

    Was checking players records, just for curiosity! what struck me, MIKA IMMONEN record in 2009 unbelievable 1st place in the biggest 5 major titles, SVB's have this good record almost yearly, but unfortunate he did not hit international ones yet..maybe next! who knows.. $60,000 1st World 10B...
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    Is Dennis's / Mike's match going to be streamed?

    I hope they stream this match!!!!! if not i will seriously be resentful the rest of my life to the way Accustats is run its business! sorry..and will never look up to Barry Behrman. again!
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    Would US Open allow us to take our home Camcorders to record matches

    Hi all, Since US open only streaming ONE TABLE ONLY! Would they allow us to take our home Camcorders to record matches, and distribute them via YouTube to us AZBer's ? from faraway without disturbing the match! we are not talking the main stream table stuff? Thanks.
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    9 or 10 ball break winner's break or multi alternat

    I know 9 or 10 balls can be played with winner's break, looser's break, alternate break, how about multiple alternate break example: If we race to 9 Player 1 won lag break 5 consecutive games, then player 2 breaks 4 consecutive games, if player one got 9-0 he wins the game, no more breaking...
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    Trick to racking balls tight

    I saw Mr. Ken Shuman do this in one of the tournaments after few minutes spent by the players trying to freeze the balls. He simply rubbed the wooden rack against cloth at the rack area, they racked quickly after that!!
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    Did anyone Video tape Efren / Corey match Yesterday

    Hello all, Did anyone Video tape Efren / Corey match Yesterday, i heard it has exotic shots from Efren?? Thanks..
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    World Cup of Pool 2014, Nick the Greek

    I watched the Greek match, Nick and his partner did not impress me at all? many errors, especially the last kick error where no ball or CB touch a rail? does anyone know if they were ill or is there something? I know they play better than that?
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    Just for the fun! Dog pocketing balls!

    Enjoy- mode changer!
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    Call safe call shots rules

    Was watching a match between Karen & Kevin, hill /hill Kevin missed the six ball, Karen should have given the shot back to Kevin at 1:38:30 based on the Call safe call shots rules explained at 33:50? what do you think? I liked Earl commentary in...
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    Has there been a pool table with more than six pockets

    Has there been a pool table with more than six pockets, say 8 or 12 pockets ever? just curious. Thanks. Earl S. Please do not read this post.