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    Cue Id?

    Production cue, Japan. Significantly higher quality than the Chinese cues of that era. If straight, my wild ass guess on market value would be $120-140. Maybe a little higher for the right person as it has points and looks in great shape.
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    Older Pool Halls

    Cue Ball. DOB 1962. One owner.
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    Tournaments while wearing masks

    I will not play pool with a mask on.
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    How's This for a Positional Shot?

    Regardless of what you may have done on a pool or billiard table, your comments show a lack of snooker knowledge. Snooker balls on cushions are very tough to cut in. From where it was at, he could place the white with his hand and not like it. Plus he is a lefty, plus the white was running...
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    Best Affordable Cuemakers today?

    Ron Kilby at has a few on hand. Don't be put off by the name of the website, the shafts can be pool style.
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    Favorite player and least favorite player?

    To me, your description of Trump is a better fit for O'Sullivan (not always but sometimes). Do you have any examples of Judd acting like a douche? My favorite player is Stephen Hendry in his prime. Aggressive, beautiful stroke, stone killer. Broke the elbow on his bridge arm early in a world...
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    Antiques - Colorado Springs

    Looking for news. Other Colorado rooms are open, anyone know why this one isn't? Thanks in advance.
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    Cue ID. This one has me completely stumped!
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    For those of us with time on our hands - 3 first class matches from this season.

    You may even be able to stand the commentary! Judd Trump vs Neil Robertson - 2019 Champion of Champions final. Ronnie O'Sullivan vs Mark Selby - 2019 Scottish Open 1/4 final.
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    WTB: Lambros water buffalo layered tips

    Don't know if these came in different grades, but I want hard/hardest.
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    WTB: Custom butt for wood pin shafts 1/2x10.

    Would prefer to have one made, but will consider other solutions such as Adam.
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    Golf - rule question

    Two player game. Player A is attempting to relocate Player B's ball. Player A does so with a legal hit, but knocks Player B's ball off the table. Does that ball get spotted, replaced, or does Player B get a choice? Is the call any different in a ring game? Action-killing pi**ing match...
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    1906 Brunswick table on Craigslist - Portland OR - $500?! This needs to be scooped up - wish I had room!
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    Central CA vacation -- looking for poolrooms

    I'll be all over the state for two weeks... Sequoia/King's Canyon, Monterrey, Morro Bay, Ventura. Found promising rooms in Pismo Beach and Gilroy. Any other suggestions? Well maintained "players's rooms" with big tables preferred but open to what may be out there. Thanks in advance for your time.