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  1. subdude1974

    Beautiful Tad

    Made in 1998. This is a beautiful of an example of a Tad. Great, solid player. All straight and sound. Just all around a fantastic cue. Only selling to fund another purchase. Asking 3975 OBO for it. Mainly looking for cash but would consider partial trades. Message me if interested...
  2. subdude1974

    Sold Gulyassy by Samsara J/B

    White Diamond tip and in perfect shape. Shaft has a very minuscule taper roll. I am sorry, but my scales battery died so I don’t have exact weights. But I would say it is about 19.0-19.5. I will post exact weight once I have battery. It has the original owners name on the side of the...
  3. subdude1974

    Sold Beauty of a Southwest

  4. subdude1974

    Sold Beautiful Szamboti Player

  5. subdude1974

    2016 Cocobolo Josey Fullsplice - Superb Player

  6. subdude1974

    FS/FT Beautiful Hercek

  7. subdude1974

    Predator Vantage Shaft - Uniloc

  8. subdude1974

    Joss Color Of Money Cue

  9. subdude1974

    Predator Ikon 2-8

    Cue is straight and sound and ready to be played. Sold for over $1100 new. Asking $750 OBO shipped. Message me if interested. Thanks. Butt: 14.2oz Shaft: 4.1oz 11.8mm
  10. subdude1974

    3/8-10 Predator Z Shaft

    Who has one for sale? Must be straight. Message me.
  11. subdude1974

    Lucasi Hybrid LHF 50 and LHF 60

    These are mine. Let me know if interested.
  12. subdude1974

    WTB Scruggs, Mottey, Tasc, Tad, Black Boar, Gina or Hercek

    Just what the title says. Mainly looking for ivory joint cues with either a radial or 5/16-14 pin. Has to be straight and at least 2 shafts. Message me what you got. I am a cash buyer. Thanks.
  13. subdude1974

    2017 Ebony Pat Diveney Fullsplice

  14. subdude1974

    Ebony Pat Diveney Fullsplice
  15. subdude1974

    Diveney Shafts For Sale

  16. subdude1974

    Black Thomas 1x2 Case

  17. subdude1974

    Black 1x2 Thomas Case

  18. subdude1974

    Last Pocket 8-ball Question

    Had never played it until tonight. Curious about the rules of the game as it pertains to the 8-ball itself. I was told that the 2 players can’t try to shoot the 8-ball into the same pocket. Is this correct? Also, say my opponent runs all his balls and hangs the 8 deep in the pocket. After...
  19. subdude1974

    Mobley Shaft 5/16-14

  20. subdude1974

    Randy Mobley Shaft 5/6-14 FS