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    Carmon room

    Tis is a nice place to watch good players.
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    Billiard table cover. $20.00 labor

    This man does nice work.
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    Haley Cue New

    I have a new unchalked cue for sale. 6 point 3 high 3 low with 6 windows in butt sleeve. I can only send pics with whatsap. 4K firm
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    Where is BHQ. Is Brent still making cues?
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    All Time Classiest Pro Sports People

    I like David Robinson for the spurs. Roger Federer also rates high on my list.
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    Snooker Pros

    I have been watching snooker matches every night. Many top snooker players are left eyed and play right handed. Maybe half of them are criss crossed. They have junky tips an no gloves or cte or toi, or magic racks either. Sometimes they look like they are y on bar tables. RO puts lots of heat on...
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    Germany starts clinical trial of covid-19 vaccine
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    Has anyone heard a word from him. We had many deals and all were good.
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    3CFinals in Medellin

    It was a nice finish to a great tourney. A few player fr om bogota, and from mexico to.
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    A Few Tourney Pics SOB!!!!!!!!!!!!

    One man is considered the best in all of columbia. One mexican player and the teacher. First drone I have seen in a room taking pics of the matches.
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    3-C for the cash

    Most places the play for fun and then I found this place. There is money on every match, and side bets too. I have never seen so many rail birds and shysters under one roof. i just loved the place. The floor is covered with rubber tiles and the is a shelf on the side of each table to put cases...
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    What is considered a pro level billiard player. a .9, 1. or where? I watched 4 of them yesterday and they told me they were 1.1 to 1.3 and I was impressed.
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    Cue Shop Visit SOB

    He only makes billiard cues. Many nice wood squares He does so much with so little and a very nice man.
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    Road Trip First Stop

    The place is getting all new tables with 2 floors. Cameras over every table with digital score keeper. Slates sits on 3 steel I beams, and lockers with digital locks. Tourney in august and 1st is 6K and you better play good.
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    Ferrules, phenolic

    11-Regis capped ferrules 5-Ivorine '' ' 6" of ferrule material. 8" of black joint material linen base. 12" of butt material " " The black material is fro David Warther. $80 delivered.
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    Roger Pettit Story

    My honey left for the weaken and I took her car and went to the 211 club. It was dead so ask Roger if he would like to go to yakima on Friday evening, and he said yes. We are in the Twin Bridges a all nite dive bar & truck stop and I started playing Russel for 5 a game. It was late and he had a...
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    Veneers For Sale

    These are 11" long and various widths. Most are 6" or more $150.00 delivered in USA.All are thin except the black and they are thicker. No cherry picking. 6-Yellow 6-Orange 10-Dark Blue 11-Green 8-Light Blue 4-Red 17-Black 4-Dark Green.
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    Caught Red Handed

    I pulled into my driveway today and two thugs had my lathe loaded on their trailor. I got out and started talking to them and one looked familiar. Out of the blue he said he wanted to buy one of my cues, and I only have one, and he said I will take it. Not only did he buy the lathe he also...
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    Starrett level 98-12

    This is a one owner for leveling machinery. $100 to your door.
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    Robinson Tip Tool

    I only have 3 never used Made by the late great John Robinson. I have had the same one for 18 yrs. They are $14.00 to your door.