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  1. ctyhntr

    Help New York pool halls in their effort to re-open.

    Poolhalls in NJ and CT are open, but the Governor of NY isn't following allowing pool halls in NY to open.
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    9-Ball Barbox Tournament at GoodFellas

  3. ctyhntr

    NYC Pool Scene, Kelly Wong passed away

    It occurred to me not everyone is on Facebook, and some of you from the NYC pool scene may not be aware their friend Kelly Wong passed away. Kelly was a friend a mine, who would give his shirt off his back for you. Here is a fundraiser, organized on the behalf of the widow to help out with the...
  4. ctyhntr

    Gotham Billiards, Francisco Bustamante and Jorge Rodriguez Exhibition 2-26-2020

    Live Video Stream from Gotham Billiards Francisco Bustamante and Jorge Rodriguez Exhbition 2-26-2020 Race to 11 in 10-ball, Race to 9 in 9-ball, followed by challenge matches I hope you enjoy my stream.
  5. ctyhntr

    Gotham Billiards, Tuesday night tournament stream

    This is a tournament I'm running at Gotham Billiards on Tuesday nights.
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    14.1 League Finals, Robles vs Lipsky, Amsterdam Billiards, NYC

    14.1 League Finals, Gold Division, Robles vs Lipsky, Table 20, Amsterdam Billiards NYC Tony Robles 'the silent assassin' will try to dethrone the winner of 4 of the last 5 seasons Steve Lipsky 'patterns'. Expert commentary by...
  7. ctyhntr

    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, a pool shark for the people.

    I found this on the 14.1 page in Facebook, and decided to share with you on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr holiday. I've seen pics, but never videos of him playing.
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    Jean Balukas's Hall of Fame Billiards is closing this weekend, Brooklyn NY

    My friend Ashley Burrows posted this on Facebook Sad day here in Brooklyn. Hall of Fame Billiards has finally been sold and will be closing it’s doors forever 😢. I spoke with Jean today and the last day will most likely be this Sunday. Stop in for a last visit while you can This poolhall and...
  9. ctyhntr

    older cues, black ferrule

    I've seen pics of older cues, from the 50's and 60's, many have black ferrules. What is the material of the ferrule?
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    Amsterdam Billiards, Earl & Tony Robles Exhibition, race to 15 Former Mosconi Cup Teammates now play...
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    Bud Light Ladies Pool commercial
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    Upcoming 14.1 leagues in NY/LI

    Looks like we're going to have 5 nights of 14.1 league pool come Fall. If I left any out, please add. Amsterdam Billiards, NYC, Saturdays and Monday starting at end of this month. Megabucks at Steinway, Sunday and Thursdays* 14.1 offered as part of rotation between 8-ball, 9-ball and 10-ball...
  13. ctyhntr

    14.1 league playoffs, Amsterdam Billiards

    Tony Robles vs Del Sim, Gold Division of the 14.1 league at Amsterdam Billiards.
  14. ctyhntr

    14.1 Clinic, NYC area

    My friend Tony Robles is giving a 14.1 Clinic this Friday at Amsterdam. Anyone interested can book directly through Amsterdam Billiards. $40 for 90 minute clinic.
  15. ctyhntr

    amateur question, trading pacing for skill

    If there was a magic bullet, would you trade becoming extremely slow to improve?
  16. ctyhntr

    Eastern Championship at Steinway, final day

    Shameless plug for my friends. Amateur event down to final 4. Amateur Hot seat match at 11 AM, Pro Hot Seat match with Jeremy Sossei and Jonathan Smith afterwards. Pro event down...
  17. ctyhntr

    PrimeM Carbon shafts. 12.5

    Posting for a friend, not on AZ. DM me for contact info. Becue PrimeM Carbon shafts. 12.5mm with uniloc joint. $450
  18. ctyhntr

    Turningstone Brackets online?

    Where can I find the brackets for Turningstone?
  19. ctyhntr

    Leonard Bludworth passed away

    I just heard on facebook that Leonard Bludworth passed away. He's known for his cues, and off the top of my head came up with Bludworth Ball Cleaner machine, helping Joe Porper come up with the foam mix for Joe Porper cue cases.
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    Commercial from Hong Kong pool themed