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  1. mattb

    Sold Diamond Pool Table

    Located near Louisville KY. 4 1/2 by 9, pro cut standard drop pockets, finished in light oak. 2008 model if i remember correctly. Full size Diamond light, slightly darker oak stain Converted over to LED tubes. Will need a recover. Table, light and 2 high back chairs, $5,500 cash. Sorry but...
  2. mattb

    What’s it worth? Schon R series

    I always said we need a what its worth thread around here. Thinking about parting with my small collection as a whole. Not interested in separating cues or selling single shafts. If i part with it, it will be all or nothing. Either way, enjoy the eye candy. R1 player, great shape. R1...
  3. mattb

    WTT Cuetec cynergy

    I have a 5/16 by 14 and would like to trade it for a Uniloc if anyone is interested.
  4. mattb

    Longer CF shafts?

    So when will we start seeing some longer carbon fiber shafts? Maybe 30 or 31"? Anyone heard anything? I like my cuetec but would really like another inch or two. I had a Jacoby edge built with an extra inch and loved it. It doesn't seem like much but worked well for me.
  5. mattb

    Andy Gilbert Hoppe

    Andy Gilbert with a stainless steel joint and the good stuff in the Hoppe ring. Built in 2000 and was my player for several years. This cue plays good. You will not be disappointed if you are looking for a player. Butt weighs 15.55. Shaft 1 is 3.55 at 12.60mm. Shaft 2 is 3.80 at 12.95 mm...
  6. mattb

    Schon R series cues

    My humble collection. R12, R6, R4, R1 and another R1. The last R1 is my daily player and plays as good as any cue I have ever tried. Oh and there are a few good shafts with them. 1 unplayed, several with micarta and a few with ivory.
  7. mattb

    OB Break cue issue

    I bought this break cue a few months ago and really like it but while breaking the other night, the tip came off. On further review it looks like it wasn’t the tip but part of the ferrule broke off and took the tip with it. Anyone else seen this happen? I have an OB Lift jump cue with the same...
  8. mattb

    Liquid Weight Cues

    I have been seeing some advertisements for these cues and checked out their website. It looks like an interesting concept to me but others might see it as a cheap gimmick. I am not ready to run out and buy one, but just curious what other people think?
  9. mattb

    Matching ringwork

    I have an old R series Schon with stitch rings and want to get a Jacoby Hybrid shaft blank and have the rings matched. Got a few questions. Should I buy the blank and send it off or let the cue guy buy it? Do I really need to send the cue in? I had Runde build a few shafts a few years ago and...
  10. mattb

    Another pool room closes in Louisville

    Well it looks like Bank Shot is out of business. Sad to see it go.
  11. mattb

    Should Winning One Pocket Be Rewritten

    I have been reviewing my copies of WOP along with SM&S the last few weeks and it got me thinking about a rewrite of these great books. While a lot of the material is very relevant and above the average players head and ability, I can't help but wonder what a newer version of these books would...
  12. mattb

    Anyone convert a Diamond light to LED

    I just found one of the old Diamond big lights for my 9 foot Diamond Pro. My question for AZ has anyone out there converted the fluorescent fixtures to some sort of LED? I have seen a cool conversion for the 8 foot fluorescent to double 4 foot LED...
  13. mattb

    WTB Schon R series cue

    Found what I was looking for this time around.
  14. mattb

    FS Very early Schon with implex joint

    For sale is one of the earliest Schon cues with an implex joint. It comes with 3 shafts. Shaft 1, original with Micarta; 4.15 oz @ 12.5mm slightest of taper Shaft 2, made at a later date unsure of ferrule material: 4.05oz @ 12.8mm slightest of taper Shaft 3, non matching: 4.15oz @ 12.6mm This...
  15. mattb

    Andy Gilbert Hoppe for sale

  16. mattb

    Looking for a plain black leather 1 by 2 Ron Thomas

    I am looking for a used plain black leather 1 by 2 Ron Thomas, but it has to have the storage compartment in the lid. No others considered. I know its a long shot but figured there might be something out there. Thanks, and PM me if you have one and include your asking price.
  17. mattb

    2015 Gilbert

    Just got my new Gilbert and wanted to show it off. I need to thank a few people in the process. First is my buddy Tom who did the ordering to my specs and did all the dealing with the Gilbert's. Thanks buddy. Second is Ken who's Szamboti was the first bumperless Hoppe style cue I ever shot with...
  18. mattb

    Break cues with SS joints?

    I always wondered why more break cues aren't built with a SS joint configuration? Seems the vast majority are a 3/8 by 10 wood to wood configuration. Is there a reason or is it just because no one seems to ask for them to be built this way?
  19. mattb

    WTB Lambros

    I am looking for a Lambros and here is what I want: Ultimate/ultra joint, 2 shafts, both at least 12.75 mm. I prefer a simple cue with 4 points with veneers. Not much on inlays. I want a players cue. I will look at cues with points and no veneers and simple cues if the deal is heavy in my...
  20. mattb

    3 breakers and 1 case for sale

    OK I have too many break cues and an extra Ron Thomas 1x2 case for sale. Ron Thomas is SOLD! Gilbert is SOLD! Mezz is SOLD! Samsara is SOLD!