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  1. Ratamon


    Guys, Apologies for going AWOL recently and not contributing to group discussions. As a Ukrainian by origin, I have been volunteering at the Embassy of Ukraine in London since the beginning of the invasion, helping with the logistics for humanitarian aid and collecting donations for medical...
  2. Ratamon


    Looking for a full splice Tasc with rings. Show me what you’ve got
  3. Ratamon

    Accu-stats matches (one pocket, 14.1, 9-ball etc)

    I'm selling off my entire collection of the Accu-stats matches. All of the DVDs have been purchased from Pat direct. As far as one pocket and 9-ball matches are concerned, these are the top matches in the Accu-stats catalogue imho. The pricing will depend on how many DVDs you want to buy as...
  4. Ratamon

    Sold Grady Mathews instructional DVDs

    The time has come for someone else to enjoy these great DVDs. Grady was a treasure trove of knowledge on pool systems. His 2/3/4 rail kicking systems have tremendously improved the accuracy of my kicks and are worth the price of the whole set imho. The two sets of DVDs include 4 DVDs on pool &...
  5. Ratamon

    Sold Freddy The Beard DVDs

    Another set up for sale - Banking With The Beard (2 DVDs) and Banks That Don’t Go But Do (2 DVDs). They retailed for $100 back when I bought them. I’m asking $60 shipped. The buyer pays transaction fees. PM me if any questions.
  6. Ratamon

    Sold Jimmy Reid DVDs

    Up for sale are Jimmy Reid’s “Almost All I Know” (3 DVDs), “The Art of 8-ball” (1 DVD) and “No Time for Negative” (1 DVD). These are 40 years of Jimmy’s pool playing experience condensed into over 8 hours of instructional material. There is a shedload of info both for a beginner and advanced...
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    A snooker situation - thoughts?

    Dennis Taylor in one of the matches of the 2021 WSC (don't recall which one) mentioned that it is possible to legally pocket the same coloured ball on three consecutive shots. Ken Doherty then spills the beans that it's the yellow ball in a free ball situation. I'm sure he's right but this got...
  8. Ratamon

    Sold Legends of Billiards by George Fels

    Legends of Billiards by George Fels, 1993, softcover, 60 pages. Has chapters on the great players, including Balsis, Caras, Crane, Greenleaf, Hoppe, Lassiter, McGinnis, Fats, Mosconi, Worst and others. Very good condition and inscribed by George. Asking $45 shipped.
  9. Ratamon

    Mosconi Cup, Masters, Trickshots DVDs

    Selling as a group for $25 shipped (or the actual shipping cost from the UK if higher). Shoot me a pm if you need details of the matches. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Ratamon

    Sold Rempe v Archer S.R.O. XIV

    Parting with another gem from my collection. Buddy called it the best 9-ball match he’s ever seen. In my book it shares the first place with Reyes vs. Rempe from 1996 PBT 9-ball. It’s a double hill match with both Johnny and Jim shooting c.950 TPA. Selling it as a VHS tape together with a DVD...
  11. Ratamon

    Sold Ronnie Allen v Danny Diliberto one pocket match

    This is one of the best one pocket challenge matches you will ever wish to see! It took place at the Golden Eight Ball in Phoenix in 1988 and was three out of five sets, each set a race to five. Nearly ten hours of one pocket awesomeness, with great moving and shot making by both Danny and...
  12. Ratamon

    Sold Rare one pocket videos

    I'm selling two very rare one pocket matches. The tapes come with the backup DVDs for personal use (the conversion has been done by a specialist shop here in London as Accu-Stats have never converted those to DVD as far as I'm aware). If you are a one pocket aficionado, both these matches are...
  13. Ratamon

    Legends of One Pocket - cool photo

    Here's a cool picture from one of Grady's one pocket legends tournaments (likely 1992) that has been posted on (thanks sheldon). So far we have ID'ed as follows: Top (L to R): Ralph Carnes, Michael Wilson, "Weenie Beanie" Bill Staton, Roger Griffis, Hal Mix, Larry Lisciotti, Wesley...
  14. Ratamon

    Matlock vs McCready

    Is this still on the cards? Does anyone know Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Sands - results

    Here's a complete list of the 1st-4th place finishers in all of the Sands Regency Open events. I hope, guys, you will find this useful. Johnny Archer won it 5 times, followed by Reyes, Sigel and Varner on 4, and Earl and Kimmer on 3! Which was/were your favourite match/es ? My all-time...
  16. Ratamon

    Pool tournaments history 1990s

    Hi everyone, I'm very much interested in the history of our wonderful sports and I was just wondering if anyone had a copy of Charles Ursitti's "The History of Pocket Billiards in America 1990-99" (or any similar record of tournament results)? I only have a copy of 1980-89 - if anyone is...