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    Art Deco light Vigus cue.

    Wow Larry, beautiful work. That wood really pops!
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    Sold Exceed, Mezz EC-7, BeCue

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    Cortland wrap & yellow micarta ferrule

    I have what appears to be a Brazilian rosewood Doc Frye plain jane with micarta ferrules,.2 shafts, and Cortland wrap. Let me know if you'd like pics. I am asking $1200 net.
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    Exceed Cues

    Tim, I sent you an email regarding my Exceed rosewood merry widow. Let me know if you're interested.-Ryan
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    Your best playing production cue

    I use the ignite shaft, although I enjoy the expro amd sigma wood shafts.
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    Your best playing production cue

    Exceed, blows my mind every time I play with it. The company has ruined me to a point on customs. It's hard to imagine a cue can play any better than an Exceed if you can find one....
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    Carbon fiber shaft question

    Try GoCustoms! Was referred to the owner Goran from a friend on AZ and they are awesome shafts! I really like the Mezz ignite, but this is better quality, maybe less deflection even, and is from an independent builder. He can adjust the diameter of the shafts to fit your butt. Good luck!
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    WTB/WTTF 29" Mezz Ignite 3/8×11

    I really like Mezz shafts, but recently tried a GoCustoms and am making a transition to those shafts now. They are very similar and you can get all types of pins and they're cheaper in price but better quality. The owner's name is Goran and you can find him on FB. These are awesome shafts and...
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    Ariel Carmeli Cue

    Not cheap, but a beautiful cue made from a Davis blank. Good history as well as AC workmanship here!
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    Ariel Carmeli Cue

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    Sugartree I just acquired

    This one is Kamphi, type of dense rosewood, and blackwood. I asked Eric to make me the hardest hitting cue that he could and this is what he built. He also built and extension for the butt out of bass wood. It's super light and feels like using a bolt action rifle when putting it on.
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    Sugartree I just acquired

    Yeah it's very rare to find such a long piece of hickory burl. The burl looks like water flowing or like lighting bolts wrapping around the cue. The 360 is actually one of Eric's most complicated cues according to him and he said he won't build another like this one again because of its...
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    Sugartree I just acquired

    Wow that is stunning! I've got three Sugartrees and that's one of the best wood combos I've seen next to the hickory burl and ebony combo.
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    WTB -> Omega DPK “Ugly stick”

    Not sure what an ugly stick is but I have a beautiful DPK Sneaky Pete if you're interested?
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    Limited Edition Mezz arrived

    That's literally insane! I don't know how the market in the US can accommodate pricing like that!? It's amazing work!
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    Limited Edition Mezz arrived

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    Limited Edition Mezz arrived

    Wow! I don't love their spear points but their new Miyabi line is literally insane! I don't know how they could create something that complex!?
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    Limited Edition Mezz arrived

    I started with an ec7 and was shocked by how solid and how well it played. This prompted me to try a simple Exceed, which also really impressed me. Then I bought a high end Exceed, which will remain as one of my main players next to my Sugartree and DPK, not bad company....