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    What do you want to see in SloMo?

    Well, here we go again! I've decided that it's time to put together another SloMo pool video, so I wanted to ask all my fellow pool players and friends which shots you'd like to see. These requests can be a topic of recent discussion, something you're trying to understand, or simply a...
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    The Zone: Silence

    As experienced pool players, you already know that being in the Zone is an amazing experience. When you're in that Zone, everything you shoot goes in clean, every breakout settles just perfectly, and there is no table layout that you can't handle. It's an incredible experience, and one that...
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    Swedish Interpool Tour

    Swedish Interpool Tour - Live now! Beautiful pool live stream production. Commentary is not in English, but the production is top-notch. (9-ball)
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    Live Chat for Mosconi Cup

    One of my favorite parts of watching live streaming pool is the chat room. Since there is no "official" chat room for the Cup, I quickly put together a little chat room that we can use for the next few days. Everyone is welcome to join in the discussion. You can sign in with Facebook...
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    Texas Tornado Clicks Open / Nov 1-2 / FREE stream

    FREE high-quality live stream. Vivian Villarreal presents: The Texas Tornado Clicks 9-ball Open Saturday and Sunday, November 1st and 2nd $3000 added Open tournament (64 players) $1500 added Women's tournament (32 players) Clicks Billiards, San Antonio, TX Watch live at...
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    "Race to 5" for $118,000 - Snooker

    Snooker World Championships Mark Selby vs Neil Robertson Current score: 12-12 in a race to 17 Match continues at 2 p.m. EDT Loser gets 3rd-4th place ~$93,000 Winner plays Ronnie O'Sullivan in the finals: 2nd place ~$211,000 1st place ~$506,000 <<< I recommend using Firefox with Ad Block...
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    "Race to 5" for $118,000 - Snooker

    Snooker World Championships Mark Selby vs Neil Robertson Current score: 12-12 in a race to 17 Match continues at 2 p.m. EDT Loser gets 3rd-4th place ~$93,000 Winner plays Ronnie O'Sullivan in the finals: 2nd place ~$211,000 1st place ~$506,000 <<< I recommend using Firefox with Ad Block...
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    Snooker World Championships

    These matches are being aired on BBC Two - free live streams available! If you don't know the rules, it's okay; you'll learn as you watch, and you will see some incredible play - even if you don't understand the rules. Trust me on this, they are worth watching! This link has been working...
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    Inside the mind of a champion

    A few months ago, Shawn Putnam was nice enough to provide us with some "self-commentary" during a small weekly 10-ball tournament. I somehow convinced Shawn to wear a wireless headset during my live stream of the Finals of the Skinny Bobs Sunday 10-ball tournament, so he could talk about his...
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    We miss POVPool!

    Daniel Busch: We miss your character, your charisma, and your charm! I hope everything is going well for you, my friend. I just wanted you to know that a lot of us have been talking about you lately. We miss hearing your voice and seeing your shows. To prove my point, I'm not going to lead...
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    Sunday Mar 9th: 10-ball tournament from Skinny Bob's Billiards

    We are live from Skinny Bob's in Round Rock, TX with the local 10-ball tournament today. Not a state championship, no professional players, just a great little 10-ball tournament (about 20 solid players) on awesome tables. Be sure to check out all the other live...
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    Mar 8th FREE 10-ball live stream

    Saturday, March 8th, 11:00 AM CST FREE Live Stream Link: See you there!
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    Video: a few decent shots

    Here's a little video of some decent shots I've made in the last couple of months. I'm no pro (barely an A on a good day), but I thought some of you might enjoy seeing these. These are all from various live broadcasts, some in competition, some just from practice. I hope you get a "kick" out...
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    GREAT weekend for LIVE POOL

    TONS of live pool being streamed this weekend! Jump on your computer and/or smartphone and check out all the livestreams! See you in the chatroom(s)! - Skinny Bob's is hosting the Open Women's Classic 9-ball tournament this weekend. $1500 added! I will be live streaming the matches on the...
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    Hearing impaired

    How many folks in our AZB pool community are hearing impaired? How many of your pool-playing friends or family have hearing impairments? Thanks, -Blake
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    "New" 1P match video

    I've been sitting on a good 1P match (which was previously live streamed) for a few weeks, and I finally uploaded it to YouTube. David is giving me 10-7, and we're both still learning about this game, but we have Shawn Putnam and John Palmore running the commentary. David and I (and many of...
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    Monday night 1P action - 8PM CST

    Exhausted after all the great live streams last week? Feeling those live stream withdrawals today? Sit back and relax! I will be matching up with a strong local player tonight, in an extended one-pocket battle. I'm getting 10-7 for a half-chicken per game. :) We'll have a few pros and...
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    Video: Shawn Putnam doing commentary during his own match

    I was live streaming a 10-ball tournament last weekend, and I managed to convince Shawn Putnam to wear the wireless headset and perform live commentary during his own match. This video is really cool. Enjoy! Thank you, Shawn, for sharing your knowledge...
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    Cool video: 1995 World 8-ball: Reyes vs Jarvis

    I ran across this video on YouTube this morning. This is a semifinal match between Efren Reyes and Mark Jarvis, with Jimmy Mataya and Jim Rempe commentating. Pretty Boy Floyd lays down some classic one liners, Rempe nails the strategy, and the match itself provides plenty of drama. Enjoy! :)...
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    Generic chat room?

    Some of us often watch streams from overseas, or ustream channels that don't have a real chat room... I'm thinking that we could designate a particular place to chat during these matches, or maybe even after a day full of matches has ended, just to have a "home base" where we could all meet up...