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  1. Black Cat 5791

    So I Finally Broke Down and Got My New Toy!!!

    So I first heard about the REVO last year and being a long time Predator user and supporter I couldn't wait to get my hands on one. It first began with me trying to justify buying a whole new cue just to be able to get my hands on the shaft, almost pulled the trigger a few times but never did...
  2. Black Cat 5791

    Rules of the "Calcutta"

    Should Players be allowed to Bid on other Players, or only on themselves. How are most run out there, new process for me and I'm getting conflicting information from players as to what they are used to . ~Black Cat~ :cool:
  3. Black Cat 5791


    Check this out!!!! SMH!!!! Black Cat :cool:
  4. Black Cat 5791

    My Trip to the Pool Hall Today

    So I've had a lot on my mind today, I got tired of working on the project I'm focused on right now. I got dressed and prepared to go to the Gym and workout after stopping at the Pool Hall. I get my case get in the car and go, so when I get there, there were a few of the regulars playing on the...
  5. Black Cat 5791

    Mosconi Cup Team Captain

    I pose this question, because I'm ashamed to say I don't know the answer. 1. What exactly is the duties of the Team Captain for the Mosconi Cup Team? 2. What exactly is the responsibility of the Coach or Trainer? I'm asking these questions because there was another thread about the Team and I...
  6. Black Cat 5791

    Alright Black Cat has hit Willow Grove, PA

    I'll be in town for 3 Weeks, where should I go to keep in stroke? Find some friendly games, and a good time. ~Black Cat~ :cool:
  7. Black Cat 5791

    Tony Robles on Limitless

    Does Trick Shot with Shot Glasses using Predator Revo Shaft. Episode 1 of Season Finale ~Black Cat~ :thumbup:
  8. Black Cat 5791

    Bank Shots Saturday Night Tournament

    Well we had none other than AZB's Inside English in the House Tonight. Shot pretty sporty too. :) Check out the Bracket see if there's anyone else that you might know. Had a lot of great competition in the House. Brett even had some comp. :cool: See everybody next week. Black Cat :cool:
  9. Black Cat 5791

    Weekly 9 Ball Tournament @ Bank Shots - Laurel, MD

    To Pre Register Call Kevin @ 240-281-9915 The Tournament Bracket Can Be Followed @ We're cutting it off @ 32 entries, so don't miss out. This is gonna be fun, come play on the best tables, in the best room in the DMV!
  10. Black Cat 5791

    Black Pool Tournaments

    Black Cat Pool Tournaments Alright Guy's and Gal's I'd like to officially invite the AZB Family to view my Tournament Page and take a look at what we've been up to. Please like and share and help us grow. What you will find once there are coverage of our past events to date, interesting info...
  11. Black Cat 5791

    I Knew This Was Going To Be A Rough Match.....

    Okay since tomorrow is Valentines Day my Team Captain decided to get with our opponent for tomorrow and see if they would like to Pre Play our 9 Ball Match today, which would allow both Teams the night off to spend time with their significant other tomorrow. Great idea by the way. So I had the...
  12. Black Cat 5791

    Okay Here's the Question......

    Okay here's the Question, I'm refereeing a Tournament Yesterday. Player 1 Breaks, he Breaks Dry. Player 2 Approaches surveys table layout has a difficult hit but possible, rather than making the legal hit and opening up the table. Player 2 proceeds to call safe, hit a non legal OB, nothing...
  13. Black Cat 5791

    9 Ball Bar Box Battle Oct. 3rd

    We are back in action!!! We are at an alternate venue for our 1st event back, but it's still going to be hot!!! If you think you've got game come get the money!!!! $1,000.00 Prize Pot!!! Sponsor Prizes to Come, Raffles, Break Pot!!! Maybe even a Calcutta!!!
  14. Black Cat 5791

    Thoughts Anyone?

    Okay so I go down to the local Bar that I frequent get in line for last on one of the tables. While I was waiting for my turn I watched an older gentleman dispatch 4 players which he had been doing for a couple of hours at that point. So my turn comes up and he broke didn't make a ball I then...
  15. Black Cat 5791

    Black Cat is heading to Roanoke VA.

    Hey Guy's I'm heading down to Roanoke, VA this Sunday for a week on Business. Where if any place should I go play? Sorry for the short notice but, I really don't want to go a week without playing. Black Cat :cool:
  16. Black Cat 5791

    U.S. Amateur Championship Ladies Finals!!!

    The Match is being streamed live right now. Melinda Huang 3 vs. Dana Aft 5 Race to 9 Black Cat :cool:
  17. Black Cat 5791

    What would you prefer?

    You enter a Weekly Tournament entry fee is $20.00 Dollars $15 Prize Fund $5 Green Fee. Tournament paying 6 Places. 20 Entrants 5/6 Place Gets $15.00 16 Entrants 5/6 Place Gets $10.00 What would you prefer the above payouts or, $0 for 4th thru 6th? Historically the same 3 or 4 people...
  18. Black Cat 5791

    How would you play this shot for the win?

    I'm on the 7 Ball need to make the 7 and get position on the 8, how would you get out? Tell me what you'd do then I'll tell you what I did and the outcome. Black Cat :mad:
  19. Black Cat 5791

    Bar Box Battle!!! Maryland Sept. 7th

  20. Black Cat 5791

    Checkout ths Video!!! Enjoy, Black Cat :cool: