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    Average cost of moving a table

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    1 piece Slate Availability! I wonder how manufacturers are dealing with this??

    1 piece slates are readily available from the overseas slate producers, and the cost is no more than their 3pc counterparts.
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    How to put new insert into slate for rails.

    ...could be quite a project if the inserts are leaded in from the bottom
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    Dead or dying cushion test?

    Connelly has used championship cushion in the past, might have been the Pro-ams that seemed to have a short life span.
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    Proper Way to Transport and Store Slate?

    Either is fine. When I get slates by the container from Italy they are on edge, from Brazil...laid flat. Transported in a P/U truck or van I lay them flat. If your moving and using a box truck I would stand them up and strap to the wall. Storage...either is fine, but vertical takes less apace.
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    Using a dremel

    Stick with the scraper. Dremel will heat the glue and clog up your tooling.
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    Simonis Heads Up

    full rolls...approx 70 yards
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    Gold Crown tune up

    "anchor the bed" is pretty vague. -Are you referring to the frame to the legs, the long frame members to the short frame members, or the slate to the table frame?
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    Machinist Level

    I was hoping to see it live streamed
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    GC rail bolt tightness

    5/32" hex
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    Was my GC3 installed correctly?

    There should be no wrinkles in the cloth at all. Its virtually impossible to recover a side rail and have no folds on the side pocket especially with Simomis fabric without severely distorting the nose of the cushion.
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    Replacing rubber rails ... what adhesive works best ?

    F200 spray contact adhesive
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    Slate flatness...

    You would probably need to contact the companies machining the slates in Italy, Brazil, and China, (or whatever country) to get that answer.
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    Slate flatness...

    As per BCA specifications: Playing Bed: The playing surface must be capable, either by its own strength or a combination of its strength and that of the table baseframe, of maintaining an overall flatness within a tolerance of .020" lengthwise and .010" across the width. Further, this surface...
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    Recent Simonis 860 install by a table mechanic........Really?

    ...any of you find issue with installing the inside liner of the pocket BETWEEN the slate and rail? Some of that leather can be 1/8"thick...putting unneeded stress on the rail, slate, and seam once all the rail bolts are torqued down. That's a big no-no in my book.
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    I'm pretty sure I do. I'll check tomorrow when I'm at my shop...keep you posted.
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    Best Way To Remove Gold Crown Formica?

    1st set of rails I ever re-laminated came off that easy, hasn't happened since. :(
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    Best Way To Remove Gold Crown Formica?

    New HPL is roughly .032" thick, .050" for horizontal grade. The original laminate on GC rails is much thicker than that, so fully stripped off and installing new laminate you will end up with a rail that is actually thinner by a few thousandths. mentioned using real wood laminate, do you...
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    Best Way To Remove Gold Crown Formica?

    New black sparkle finish Formica on rails, charcoal hammer finish trim, gloss black body/legs