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  1. Chembry

    The Rack in Lavonia, MI

    The Rack in Livonia, MI I will be in Detroit on business the better part of the next 2 weeks. From other threads I have read, The Rack is a good place to play. I will be staying right near DTW. Curious if there are other places to play and if any of them have any weekly tournaments?
  2. Chembry

    Terbrock Fullsplice

    The cue is a fullsplice birdseye into cocobolo. It is test hit only. The woods in this cue are gorgeous and pics don't do it justice. Looking to get $500 obo shipped. Sold. Specs: 59" (30/29 split) Cocobolo/Birdseye maple 18.8oz 3/8-10 pin 12.7 mm shaft Let me address some commonly asked...
  3. Chembry

    WTB Radial Pin Sneaky or Merry Widow

    Found one.
  4. Chembry

    FS/FT Beautiful TNT ebony 4 point cue

    FS Beautiful TNT ebony 4 point cue I am already kicking my self for this, but because of circumstances beyond my control I have to part ways with my TNT ebony 4 point cue. The cue only has about 5 hours of playtime on it. There are no nicks, dings, dents, etc... Its basically brand new...
  5. Chembry

    Weekend Tournaments in the Philly area?

    I just moved to the Philly area. Where are there weekend tourneys in the area? Is there a website for this info? I moved from the minneapolis area and we had a tourney almost every weekend at different locations. Some were 2 day tourneys others were 1 day but all were at least $1000 added...
  6. Chembry

    Guess the cuemaker?

    I have always wanted to do one of these threads and now I can. Sorry about the big pictures. Have fun and good luck!
  7. Chembry

    SBE Stream?

    Does anyone know of there is going to be any live stream from the SBE? I know TAR is going to be there, but last year I went to TAR's website and they were not streaming the tourney.
  8. Chembry

    My new TNT cue

    Thanks to Troy for this awesome TNT cue!! It is a 6-point (3 hi and 3 low) kingwood into bacote with purple veneers with a matching OB-1 shaft. This cue plays just as good as any cue I have owned. Thanks again Troy! Enjoy the pictures
  9. Chembry

    WTS OB2 Shaft

    I have basically a brand new 30 inch OB2 shaft for sale. It has seen about 12 racks of play. The joint size is 3/8-10. It has a plain black joint collar. I am looking to get SOLD! Thanks for looking
  10. Chembry

    WTT Corsair Jon Davis Blank Conversion

    WTT for a wrapless or leather wrapped cue possibly a masonH, barnhart, madden, sly, etc.. However ALL offers will be considered Let me know what you got Cue is sold Specs: -19 oz Corsair made from a full splice John Davis blank (lacewood into maple) -4 veneers gold, light blue, natural, and...
  11. Chembry

    Kim Davenport's Safety Escape

    Has anyone ever seen this safety escape by Kim Davenport? Just to hit the ball was hard enough and then to get safe in return was amazing.
  12. Chembry

    What is my corsair cue worth?

    Could I get some opinions on what my Corsair Cue is worth? I do not know the real value of the cue. I have provided links to some pictures (the files were too big to upload). What I know about the cue is stated below. Specs: -19 oz Corsair made from a full splice John Davis blank...