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  1. kamdaswani

    Spectacular Szambotis

    hi all, think its been a couple of years since i posted anything new here ... but if you're gonna come back, may as well be with a bang ! barry and i worked on these designs quite a few years ago and i think i had posted some "in progress" shots when i had gone to visit him ( again this was a...
  2. kamdaswani

    Keith Andy : Appeal

    hi guys, i just got this email from Jun ( cue maker for Keith Andy ) he is wilingl to offer a large discount on his cues to raise funds for the devastation that has happened in japan. If there is a cue you have always fancied, this is the time to get it ! you can email him directly...
  3. kamdaswani


    i needed ( wanted ) a case ... with Szamboti on it ... So Ron made the case and sent the top to Barry who put his name on it ... and the case was made.... but it stayed empty at Barry's place .. what's the fun in that ?? then i needed ( wanted ) a Gus ... a used Gus... battle worn ... maybe...
  4. kamdaswani

    Cues remaining in my collection

    i have bought 70 cues since 2004 as there are no cue dealers here in hong kong.. so if i wanted to try a cue, i had to buy it. now 6 years down, i have made some pretty good friends and have learned a lot ! i have 24 left ... i no longer play... am thinking if i can trim down another 4 or 5, i...
  5. kamdaswani

    Bob Hunter : Ebony

    This gem is incredible to have in your hands .... smooth, well balanced and just so damn stunning !
  6. kamdaswani

    Omg - brazilian rosewood : Barenbrugge

    WOW .... not much else left to say :eek: ( oh, the white is all lint from the soft packing material- forgot to use the blower in my excitement ! )
  7. kamdaswani

    Sw : Amaranth fiddleback

    Here we have a glorious NO LAMINATE, killer player !!
  8. kamdaswani


    allow me to present the most incredible "plain" cue i have ever held in my hand !
  9. kamdaswani

    Keith Andy : 2010

    this is just fabulous .. workmanship is flawless and so well balanced... this guy really knows how to make a cue !
  10. kamdaswani

    Signed cue balls...

    there was an auction once in vegas .. picked this up .. signed by Hall Of Fame-ers .... the ring it is sitting on is from "Palmer" .. John Showman gave it to me while we were all at Dennis Searing's place in March ...
  11. kamdaswani

    BLUE GRASS w/ Scrimshaw

    here is a cue i picked up a while go but it's just been sitting in my case so may as well let it get some play time...
  12. kamdaswani

    Tascarella : Rosewood !!

    have always loved this design and Pete made it jump to life for me ... it is just spectacular up close and personal :grin:
  13. kamdaswani

    Bill Schick 2010

    the butt was done by the March show but it had no shafts at that time... just got it in the mail today .. all done :) it took a while to get here but it was certainly worth the wait ... thanks to a great cue-maker and a really fun guy to chat with...
  14. kamdaswani

    Balabushka - Gus Szamboti - Barry Szamboti

    G & B sold ... Balabushka : $11,500 i have the paper work for the Balabushka thanks kam
  15. kamdaswani

    GINACUE EBONY 1 of 1 simply yummy !
  16. kamdaswani

    Pics from my Trip

    was in LA and Chicago over the last 2 weeks... had the chance to have dinner with joel and his lovely wife - yummy ! got the joint protector for my ivory handled cue :D and dropped by Ernie's shop .. turned up at his shop on his birthday and i got a cue - feels like i got the present ! (...
  17. kamdaswani

    Hercek : Segmented Ivory Handle Cue

    best to let the pictures do the talking :D:D:D:D:D:D butt:
  18. kamdaswani

    15 cues for sale :

    CUES STILL ON OFFER: Bluegrass : 3,500 burton spain window with 4 shafts : 4,000 ( with paperwork ) black boar parabolic with 2 ferruless shafts : 8,500 black boar 8 pointer : 12,000 black boar maserati cue : 25,000 schick : 3,700 tad hoppe : 2,750 edwin reyes : unfinished with 4...
  19. kamdaswani

    Gift from Dennis Searing

    i was visiting dennis for a night and the morning i was supposed to leave, he pulls out a tip tapper and says "hang on" this is what the man can do on the fly !! can you imagine if he actually had planned it in advance ;) he said it moved and so he wanted to do it all again :rolleyes: i...
  20. kamdaswani

    it's been fun

    i was just clearing my old files and i realised that i bought my first cue in 2004 ( Joss West ) and i joined this forum in 2006. during that time i have actually bought, tried and sold the following: SOUTHWEST, MIKE BENDER, KENNETH MURRELL, BLACK BOAR, JAMES WHITE, BARRY SZAMBOTI, RICHARD...