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    JB Cases website Trojan

    When I go to their website my antivirus blocks me saying it's got a Trojan. Anyone else have the issue?
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    Correct cushion for older Brunswick American snooker table 5x10

    What are the correct rail cushions for a circa 1950 Brunswick 5x10 snooker table?
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    Big pin ivory joint hit

    Is the hit really that good? I know other factors of the cue come into play..
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    Shaft collar

    I'm looking for a piece of particular shaft collar for my local guy to build an LD shaft. He's been building them for about a year, I've used one on my Scruggs player for about 6 months now & am used to it. I'd like to keep the collar matching for a new R. Harris cue. I'll attach a pic. Thanks
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    Palmer & a couple of Tim Scruggs

    I was questioned on another thread I started regarding the billiard equipment listed in my signature, so I took a few pics today. Along with my little Brunswick case, circa late 1974, is my 2nd catalog Model J Palmer. It was rewrapped about 3 1/2 years ago by Muellers, along with original foil...
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    LD vs regular shafts

    What's the approximate deflection % difference between a LD shaft & a regular shaft? I've been using a LD shaft for about 6 months now & the difference seems minimal.
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    Deposit for custom cue build

    What's the usual down payment to a cue builder for a custom cue?
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    Locating older Scruggs shaft ringwork

    I posted this and a pic in the Machinery & Supplies group but realized it might not get much attention. Any leads appreciated....
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    finding older Scruggs shaft ringwork

    Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction. A local cue repair fellow (Mark Rosner) has been making some nice LD shafts. I was going to get him to make me one for my older Scruggs player but prefer to have the matching shaft ringwork. Again, all help appreciated. Attached is a pic.
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    Whitten 3x6 case

    Whitten 3x6 case $300 shipped $$SOLD$$$ For sale is a really good condition Whitten 3x6 leather case, & this one is the older preferred tube style. These are well built & surprisingly lightweight for a 3x6 case. It's been used so it has some scuffs. The zippers are all intact & work fine...
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    CueWorks / Richard Penny in Florida

    Anybody have any dealings with him for cue (shaft) repairs?
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    Ivory ferrule replacement

    The recently installed G2 tip w/pad on my Scruggs popped off yesterday, also resulting in a small chip in the ivory ferrule at the top. I'm not going to let the local guy repair it. Any recommendations on who to send it to to replace the ivory ferrule?
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    free software/program for room size with multiple tables?

    Help...our local senior center has 2 American snooker tables & 4 eight ft. Gandy & Brunswicks. They're building another center, probably 18 months out, with a smaller size billiard room. Is there any free program/software out there that I can utilize that let's me put in room dimensions, table...
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    Jim Vest custom cue

    ***SOLD***A beautiful Jim Vest custom cue, ivory joint, buttcap, & ferrules. Radial pin, birdseye forearm, Ebony points, 7 Titlist style super thin veneers...purple, black, teal, black, gold, black, white. White w/black speck wrap (by Joe Blackburn), fancy silver rings at all locations; butt is...
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    Jeff Olney cue

    ***SOLD*** A very nice Olney cue, 3/8 x 10 pin, birdseye maple forearm, 6 points, white /black speck wrap, butt weighs 15.28 oz., 29 1/4 length (not including pin), shaft is 3.90 oz., 29 1/4 " length, 12.76 dia., G2 medium tip, chip in butt finish (see pic). Cue is straight together & apart...
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    Instroke Cowboy 3x7 Inverted Leather Black/Brown case

    Used but exceptional condition case, used for cue storage inside, from a clean, non-smoking, pet free home. Pics show it's excellent shape. It holds 3 butts & 7 shafts & can be inserted in either direction. Tags are still attached. Price is $275 obro shipped, that's $100 less the new price.
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    Tim Scruggs 5/16 x 14 j/p's

    Looking for them, simple black ones would be fine.
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    WTB good, used, reasonably priced 3x6 Justis, Volturi, o

    WTB good, 3x6 Justis, Volturi, Melton, or Swift case Looking for a good, used, reasonably priced 3x6 Whitten, Justis, Volturi, Melton or Swift case.
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    Delrin butt cap

    I've got an older cue with white Delrin butt. The small engraved lettering is faint & I'd like to refill the letters. Will Delrin easily stain from ink if any gets on the surrounding area? Any help is appreciated.
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    New to snooker, snooker or regular cue

    Hi, I've playing snooker on a 10 ft table for the past 6 months at our local senior center here in Tennessee. All the players use their regular cues, as I have. I'm debating getting a snooker cue, would it really help? I'm really enjoying snooker, very challenging, although it's fustrating with...