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  1. stevekur1

    Need a ruling here, Bob J please chime in

    I was playing a game the other day with no ref involved since it was a social game. I attempted to play a safety by thinning the rack and sending the cueball up table, in doing so i sent the CB up table and it never touched the rail, but it did come to rest in the pocket. My opponent, weather...
  2. stevekur1

    Straight Pool Fanatics group on Facebook

    Hey All, We all created a group on facebook which was the brain child of LTL here on AZB, some veteran AZ'ers are on it, plus many pros hang out there as well contributing when they can. It's a real good group, with all content about the game we all love. Send a join request here...
  3. stevekur1

    2018 - American 14.1 Championships - Videos ?

    Does anyone know where the videos for the 2018 event went ? They were of such high quality and I’d like to watch them again. I checked the event Facebook page where the videos originally were and they are gone. Thanks in Advance Steve
  4. stevekur1

    Rack Your Own - 14.1 - What to do here ?

    Hey All, I am not a fan of this, but I do get the Pro's and Con's of it. What do you do if players are playing Rack Your Own 14.1 and the guy racking for himself is either Racking Too High or Too Low, or is angling the rack a bit to give himself a better opportunity of a better break ? I...
  5. stevekur1

    Another interesting scenario - Racking

    Hey All, Leave it to my 14.1 league to come up with these obscure scenario's During a league 14.1 match, the players are playing Rack Your Own (which in my opinion, both players take the risk that something may go wrong with). The player goes to rack the balls, and one of the object balls he...
  6. stevekur1

    Sky Woodward - Record "24" ?

    I Saw something about Sky setting some sort of record. Anyone know what the record was ? Was it 24 Spot shots in a row ? Thanks Steve
  7. stevekur1

    An interesting scenario almost happened in 14.1 League Playoffs.

    How would you all rule this: Calling Bob Jewitt Player A was playing his last rack, came up to his final breakshot where he figured he needed 5 more balls after the break. He makes the break and the 5 balls he thought he needed. Walked over to his opponent (player B) to shake his hand, and his...
  8. stevekur1

    An intersesting Challenge, Who's up for the challenge

    Here's a link to an interesting challenge over on facebook. I am personal friends with the person that made the bet !!
  9. stevekur1

    Schmidty back at it, this time in CA

    So Schmidty is back at it, giving it another shot. this time in California. 1st day in 6 innings, all runs were 100+ with the best 219 (video on youtube) 2nd day, John tied his personal best of 435 Balls (WOWZA) I think he's onto something. He's not doing a live stream, but his wife Felicity...
  10. stevekur1

    Great Story written about the heydays

    Here’s a great article written about the hay days as by one of the 3 Cushion players Harmon here at Bayshore Billiards which was featured in the Chelsea News.
  11. stevekur1

    MONSTAR TIPS - Banned ?

    I heard recently from someone that was watching the World 9 Ball that the commentators were talking about Monstar Tips and they would be banned. Can anyone clarify this ? Thanks Steve
  12. stevekur1

    14.1 Scoring needs to be revamped !!

    Hey All, I had a thought this weekend while i was at my buddies house sparring on his Victorian Table. I Had taken a breakshot and pocketted it, slammed into the rack and made 5 more balls off the break. (total of 6) (yeah i layed into this break a bit) That being said, i feel that the...
  13. stevekur1

    Schmidty on a mission !!! two 400+'s in the matter of a week !!

    Mr 400 is showing why he's called Mr 400 with two more 400+ ball runs under his belt in the matter a week's time. First with a 407 and just yesterday with a 434 !! Will he top Mosconi ?? -Steve I know i'm rooting for him !
  14. stevekur1

    Breakshot...What would you do ? and what i did !!

    Last weekend i was playing a match for a friendly bet with somebody i know, i was currently on 53 and had a real big lead and one of my favorite banks came up, which never comes up in a game. I opted to go for it (And Swish !!!) kept going after this, run ended at 67 when i had no shot after a...
  15. stevekur1

    Bayshore Billiards 14.1 League - Season 13 - Record Breaking Season for us !!

    Hey All, I just wanted to share the news, that my 14.1 League in Bayshore NY has a record breaking season this season. we doubled the participation of our last record breaking season with 53 Players. Here's some screenshots of the divisions which i was able to split into 4 Divisions spread...
  16. stevekur1

    What do you do here ? Need a ruling mr Jewitt please !

    A player scratches after pocketting a ball, it is in the middle of the rack. When going to place the object ball on the spot with other balls in that area he drops the ball on the table disturbing multiple balls. This scenario can come up in many different angels, for instance a player can do...
  17. stevekur1

    American 14.1 Championships - Qualifier

    This past weekend Sept 8th at Raxx Pool Room - Bar & Grill hosted the qualifier for the American 14.1 Championships which will be held in October at Carom Cafe in Queens. There was 12 players that participated, and 6 of those 12 were players from the 14.1 League that i run at Bayshore...
  18. stevekur1

    Handicapping a match ?

    What is the best and most fair way to handicap a match ? Thx in advance ! Steve
  19. stevekur1

    Handicapping a match ?

    What is the best way to handicap a game ? Thanks in advance Steve
  20. stevekur1

    Unsportsmanlike Conduct Fouls - What does it cover ?

    Hey All, I Am current re-writing my league rules, and want to put some stuff in for Bad Behavior and such. I was thinking this could fall under Unsportsmanlike Conduct Fouls. I know the catching of a ball going into a pocket for one foul. are there other things that fall into this catagory ...