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  1. Goldy

    Sandcastle 9 Ball Open Oct 6th to Oct 8th 2022

    Thanks Ralf. You can also watch this event LIVE, and have the ability to watch any table including the main featured table at any time! Check out and get your daily or event PPV Pass EARLY! Just about a week away now. Goldy.
  2. Goldy

    Oct 28- Nov 5 2022 - International Open All Access PPV By: Accu-Stats Video Productions

    $39.95 EARLYBIRD ONE-POCKET PPV VIDEO PASS - 3 Days - Oct 28th-30th 2022 $79.95 EARLYBIRD ENTIRE EVENT PPV VIDEO PASS - 9 Days - Oct 28th-Nov 5th, 2022 LIVE viewing of all 13 tables (Including the Main Arena Table) True On-Demand - Replay any completed match. (No annoying replay loops) Extend...
  3. Goldy

    Super Billiards Expo PPV 4/19/22

    We got thousands of people to buy without this feature you're requesting. I'm sure many just enjoy the fact that they will undoubtedly watch the best pool of the week.
  4. Goldy

    PPV - Accu-Stats Presents the 23rd (2022) Derby City Classic Main Event Jan 21-29

    The most anticipated Professional Billiards Championship is upon us. Accu-Stats is ready to provide the best live billiard production of the 23rd (2022) Derby City Classic for all fans around the world. You can purchase your online PPV EARLY-BIRD pass at for all 9 days...
  5. Goldy

    DAZN failure

    Alkami and Wowza work very well for our needs, at 3 cents a gig.
  6. Goldy

    DAZN failure

    You're correct Ed. NBL, AccuStats, and all of our rooms installed with FeltCam use OSPN's private cloud distribution network, built by a group of serious pool aficionados. It will soon be coupled with digitalpool dot com. We depend on ourselves and have zero 3rd party fingers and hands in the...
  7. Goldy

    PPV+ 2021 International Open 9B, 1P, BigFoot 10B, JIC. All Table Stream Passes Now On Sale!

    You will be presented with 13 buttons on the same page that will automatically switch to which table you wish to watch. Additionally, with the works of Digital Pool, and also here on AZBilliards, there will be a Live Scoring page which will display the players and their score of every table...
  8. Goldy

    How's Facebook Doing?

    DNS issues they say. Strange.
  9. Goldy

    How's Facebook Doing?

    I'm sure many of you are wondering what happened to Facebook today. Glad we still have AZ.... :)
  10. Goldy

    FeltCams still Live during Facebook Outtage

    You can visit to see which FeltCams are live from over 30 destinations in the United States. Why kill your phone's battery? Just flip the switch. You're on!
  11. Goldy

    PPV+ 2021 International Open 9B, 1P, BigFoot 10B, JIC. All Table Stream Passes Now On Sale!

    That means you have an account already from a past stream with another contributor that uses OSPN. Simply send in a password reset for the email that already exists, and login with that username/password. You will then be presented with checkout options. Have fun!
  12. Goldy

    PPV+ 2021 International Open 9B, 1P, BigFoot 10B, JIC. All Table Stream Passes Now On Sale!

    Accu-Stats has moved to their own streaming platform, and will not be using AudioVideo Web. You will need to create a new username/password manually or connect with Facebook Option. Please reach out if you have any difficulties.
  13. Goldy

    PPV+ 2021 International Open 9B, 1P, BigFoot 10B, JIC. All Table Stream Passes Now On Sale!

    A decade in the making! Accu-Stats Video Productions presents All Table Live and On-Demand Streaming from the 2021 International Open including all table live stats and scoring by Digital Pool! Here's how to order early, and get $20 off your 9 day live, and 30 day instant on-demand video...
  14. Goldy


    It is listed as Canada on the website list with the flags. Not sure why Pat's spreadsheet has Philippines.
  15. Goldy


    Thanks for the heads up, I'll add this itinerary to the website..
  16. Goldy


    Accu-Stats will be releasing new live streaming features which require a more customized delivery service to the public. The 2021 International Open will be providing live coverage of all 13 tables including the traditional Accu-Stats Video Production 4 camera edit from Table 7. Tables 1-6 and...
  17. Goldy

    Conditions to participate in the upcoming U.S. Open

    You cannot patent or trademark the words or acronyms in the phrase "U.S. OPEN" However, what is trademarked is "U.S. 9-BALL OPEN", which was sold to Matchroom Pool in 2019. Matchroom Pool has the perfect momentum to successfully square up the United States Billiards 50 year plague. They have 1...
  18. Goldy

    A Nit Or Not A Nit..

    Give em' hell Eddie..