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  1. SFC9ball

    Pool School in April

    I will be conducting a 3 day pool school in Van Cleave Mississippi at Billiards and Bistro from April 24-26. For more information contact me VIA email or send me a message. If you are looking to become an Instructor or upgrade your Instructor status this class is for you too. Jim Baker PBIA...
  2. SFC9ball

    Heading to Olathe KS.

    I will be going to Olathe KS for the Mid West 9ball tournament 11/20/15 if anyone is interested in meeting up for a lesson or just a game pool. Always looking forward to meeting AZB members. :smile:
  3. SFC9ball

    Pool School with Scott Lee

    Finally got back last night from Oshkosh WI, I received my "Recognized" level instructor certification. I got to meet new friends and fellow instructors, Denny Stewart, Lance Cowles, and Mark Finkelstein and of course my friend Scott Lee. It was an intense 3 days of instruction and...
  4. SFC9ball

    Happy Birthday Scott Lee

    Have a great birthday and safe travels. :happy-birthday:
  5. SFC9ball

    My Experience with Mark Wilson.

    I met with Mark this past weekend, I can tell you everthing about him is TOP notch! His attitude, teaching and outlook on life. I have had professional instruction from Scott Lee 2 years ago so I had a good idea what to expect from Mark since Scott had recommended him too. I met Mark at...
  6. SFC9ball

    Looking for Kenneth Lewis

    Does anyone on here know what happened to Kenneth Lewis from San antonio TX? Two months ago his number went out of order and I have not been able to contact him since. he is retired from the Army and had been going to school. Jim