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    my old friend.

    does anyone know of the whearabouts of Jack Pheffer?in the early 80s he was a great mentor to me in snooker, at Le Spot.
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    turningstone with upstate al

    can someone please post a working link for upstate al,s broadcast of the event? thank you kindly.
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    Turning Stone Classic XXXIII: players list, predictions, updates

    Grate to see earl in, anyone know if Billy I. Or Danny d., will be present?
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    Any one want to play Fri at wacky or corner

    Visiting Canada would like to play some. At least 6 hc. Pm anytime. Here till the 4th. No whiners please, already met one in 2011. Just play, for the enjoyment of the sport. That's all.
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    Wacky wings, GREAT DIAMOND TABLES!

    Hi all Canadian AZ'rs. I am looking to play some 10 ball, straight pool or 8 ball, this w/end at wacky wings. I went last week and discovered a great place to play but no one there to play. Sat. or Sun.[ 7 in 9ball/8 in 8ball.] moved here from the USA. let me know. i want to play, not...