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  1. 8cree

    SVB vs T Rex - 1 Pocket, December 6, 7, 8th

    What do we have here? Side show or real action? Can Tony even win?
  2. 8cree

    SVB and Matchroom have a Jr Tournament

    Got an email saying they are going to have a junior tournament! This is great news!
  3. 8cree

    Which Pocket...

    would you shoot this at? Are you left handed or righty? Ran out and left myself this... I chopped it in the right pocket. I shoot right handed and pick that pocket for 1PKT a lot... What about you?
  4. 8cree

    2022 APEX Wisconsin Open

    It's the spot shot stuff but it's free live pool, I can dig it!
  5. 8cree

    2022 AZ Open

    I just stumbled into this on youtube... sorry if already posted.
  6. 8cree

    What's The Shot? 14.1

    Green as they come with straight pool. Knocking some balls around, ended up here. What would you do? Rather what should I do? Did someone give me a bad rack? Lol
  7. 8cree

    Bergman vs Reyes

    Isn't there some sort of stream going of these guys playing full rack rotation and something else over the last few days? I couldn't find where to locate the stream in the feeble attempt that I made, so I was wondering if anyone knows the scoop and/or score for the match(s)?
  8. 8cree

    My Mini Cue

    First let me say thanks again to Cuebuddy! I saw where he made some one else a cue on the site and I knew I had to have mine done! Thankfully my ole Joss is not super intricate and I was even able to have a mini made! Some time, some emails and some pics later I now have a sweet ass little...
  9. 8cree

    Bugatti Carbon Fiber Pool Table

    Yes, you read that correct. 300k worth... quick read with a short video too. Check it out. I would trade my Diamond for it. Just to sell and buy a bunch more Diamonds and a pool hall ha [emoji106]...
  10. 8cree

    Black Spectator Chairs

    Looking for a pair of black spectator chairs. Thanks
  11. 8cree

    Gorst vs Orcullo??

    Kid ain't playin...
  12. 8cree

    Iron City Open

    Does anyone have any info on the outcome of last night's matches? Link to a bracket or anything?
  13. 8cree

    Table Cameras

    Which cameras do you guys run for your table cam? How does it power up? Is it just HDMI to a TV? Do some come with ceiling mounts or how did you mount them? Any that are just terrible and I should avoid? Spill the beans fellas!
  14. 8cree

    Micheal Montgomery Memorial Tournament

    Has anyone else been watching the stream? It's on I didnt even see it in the stream forum... anyway I've been watching and listening in but haven't been able to keep up at all. Anyone know where to get a tournament bracket or can someone close get a pic and post it maybe? Thanks.
  15. 8cree

    SVB vs Orcullo

    Just ran across this in the Action Room section... Talk about a match of the Titans! Can't make it out on the poster but a comment says 9Ball on a 9' Diamond, race to 120. Going to be an all time great match up I think!
  16. 8cree

    PureX Jump/Break

    Do the Purex JB cues still have the rubber grip that disintegrates in a matter of months? I run and old one and really like it but the rubber literally falls apart and made a mess in the old case and feels terrible in my hand. I got a sweet new case and have to put the break butt in a sleeve...
  17. 8cree

    Orcullo vs Woodward

    Looks like Woodward wants his shot at the beast... Posted by Roy's Basement on the fb.
  18. 8cree

    Mosconi 2020

    Gorst, first man selected. Fine choice they made I must say. Let's hope it happens![emoji106]
  19. 8cree

    Another HOF Inductee Story
  20. 8cree


    Not sure if this is the place but I have been getting this error today on random threads. Could be me though. Just a heads up.