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  1. dgem

    g2 tips and zan hybrid max for sale bargain price

  2. dgem

    Funny pool scene, who had this experience?
  3. dgem

    Phil Capelle Play your best 9 and 10 balll

    I ordered this last year and the book came through my friend Jay Helfert, he brought the book for me from U.S. First and foremost, I must say Phil Capelle is one of the best person i've dealt with. I lost a book and dvd long time ago when i loaned it to a friend. When he found out the I lost...
  4. dgem

    P3 Golden Oak with wrap and wrapless Bargain

    I have a brand new condition never been hit p3 oak with wrap and wrapless. Will sell each for 850 usd, your choice of z2 or 314-2 Weight adjustable.:)
  5. dgem

    Mcdermott I3 for sale Great condition like new. Low price

    I have a Mcdermott i3 for sale. Birdseye maple. Straight. 5/16x14 piloted. Great condition. Weight 3.8 oz. Tip diameter 11.75mm Selling for 130 usd shipped.
  6. dgem

    **************One of a kind Edwin Reyes Cue ER Original***************

    One of a kind Edwin Reyes Cue ER Original. SOLD [SIZE="3"]Here are the specs. SOLD
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    Looking for mezz zz09 model

    Let me know if you have one for sale. Could be just the butt. Pm me the weight and condition and picture. Thank you.
  8. dgem

    Looking for: Advanced Pro book DVD

    Looking for Advanced Pro book DvD series, I have the book already and want to add the dvd to my collection. Looking for a used copy. Thanks
  9. dgem

    Looking To Buy Gold crown Wall Rack, Metro Wall Rack

    I am looking for a Gold Crown Wall rack or a Metro Wall rack. I need it in brand new condition. I need the to see the tip when it is in the rack. Thank you:)
  10. dgem

    Instructional DVDs all you need.

    Looking to sell all for SOLD
  11. dgem

    Predator Ikon 2-7 for sale brand new lowest price

    I have a brand new predator ikon 2-7 with 314-2 or z2 for sale. Your choice. Retail price is $1019 Selling it for only $850 usd shipped :) Paypal accepted 3-5 days fedex delivery worldwide Thank you No trade please.
  12. dgem

    The best kicking system for free!

    Watch it here for free The rectangular coordinate system! make sure get your protractor =) :):)
  13. dgem

    Tony Bautista Cues aka " Jazz Cues" great quality bargain price

    For sale are Tony Bautista cues. All are brand new. Great gift for a new player. All for sale for only 250 usd shipped via fedex worldwide
  14. dgem

    Campbell cues any ideas what this cue?

    My friend has a campbell cue stick probably made 30 years ago. I have no idea what is the possible value of this cue, I need help regarding value or history of the cue. Thank you.:smile:
  15. dgem

    Jazz cue for sale. Brand new with 2 shafts. Ebony Amboyna.

    Hi I am posting this cue again for sale. This cue is made by Tony Bautista. Specs Length: 58 inches weight: 19.25 oz adjustable shaft weight: 4.75 oz. shaft is very dense shaft 2: 4.0 oz. forearm: Ebony with 8 points amboyna with mother of pearl overlap inlays wrap: Sea snake Buttsleeve...
  16. dgem

    Ebony Amboyna 8 pointer Jazz cue

    One year in waiting, finally the cue stick has been made. Tony Bautista made a lot of effort doing this cue. Cue is all handmade. I believe he made all of this by himself except the design which is made by a friend of mine. I originally planned to use this cue bY Me personally. However, I have...
  17. dgem

    Trade your Iphone 4s for a custom cue

    Hi, I am looking for a brand new/slightly used Iphone 4s that is unlocked version or At&t which can run GSM. I will trade a custom cue that you want. The design can be specified by you. All materials are negotiable. The maker is Jazz cue by Tony Bautista. The process would be: 1. Specify...