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    Searing Beauty

    Beautiful cue!!
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    Team Europe Selection is Complete for 2022 Mosconi Cup

    What a roster!!!! The US likely couldn’t even compete with the B team for Europe. It’s kinda of sad. I will still be pulling for the upset, but the US is going to need to all play their best games even to be competitive against this team.
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    Need z shaft or 314

    I have a 30” z3 if you’re interested
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    30” OB pro plus 5/16x14

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    30” OB pro plus 5/16x14

    title says it all thanks in advance
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    1x2 case with pocket

    Looking for a 1x2 case to take to the pool hall to play 1 pocket. prefer leather maybe a Whitten or JB has to fit a 31” cue thanks in advance!
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    Jump Cues.....what's the best out there right now.

    I have tried all types and I find the Propel to be the easiest to use on the greatest variety of jump shots
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    T-Rex vs The Lion!! Who do you guys like?

    I think the score could actually be worse for Tony than it is. Alex has been in control pretty much the entire match. It’s been impressive to watch how well Alex is hitting it!
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    Big AE....Wrapless JMW

    Nice cues! How about that Scruggs?
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    Rare find - Black Boar

    nice! im planning on taking the ebony one to Tony to have him refinish it.
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    Rare find - Black Boar

    Not for sale, but I have been fortunate with a couple pick ups recently. Here are two Black Boar Customs I have recently acquired for everyone’s viewing pleasure. the ring work in the cocobolo cue is incredible. It was Dave Bollman’s cue
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    Wtb Cynergy 10.5 5/16x14

    Looking for Cynergy 10.5 5/16x14 new or used
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    Oosik rings and decorative for a cue. Does anyone have one?

    my SugarTree has it for the joint and buttcap. Seems like a solidly hard material 😂 don’t mind the 🐗 hanging out
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    32-22 Shane
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    WTB CF shaft 30"

    I have a 5/16x14 30” Becue 12.3
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    Best pool room in Richmond VA?

    Diamond billiards in Midlothian is the place you want to go. I’m sure you can find some action in there. If you want to message me to try to set a game up, let me know.
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    Incardona and Mathews 1994 Cues

    I am pretty sure Grady played with a black boar for a good while
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    Sold High end customs for sale

    to the top with a price drop price drop on the JMW to 2500
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    BeCue Engage Shaft

    I have a 30” 12.3
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    Price check aisle....YOU

    I used to use usps consistently for cues and other things. Priority has been very unreliable for times and has gotten pricey! UPS has been the better option recently.