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    Does anybody happen to have the wiring diagram or a picture of their timer wiring? I can’t find my pictures that I took and need to put some wires back correctly.
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    Shots Moves and Strategies

    New condition opened for autograph wrapped in plastic ready to ship. $350 shipped insured USPS.
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    Original Balabushka

    Late 50's Early 60's Balabushka with letter of Authenticity from Pete. One Original Shaft that has been damaged by somebody over the years. One Tascarella shaft, will be included, third shaft is an old Brunswick shaft I have, can be included if buyer prefers, It is oversized will need to be...
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    North Carolina help wanted.

    Looking for someone near Farmville, NC that can pickup and mail a cue to SD. Thanks in advance. PM for details if interested.
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    Lost Another Good one.

    Curtis Robertson, passed away in an Aircraft accident on Thursday November 12th in Rockwall, TX. Curtis was a helluva cue maker and friend. Pretty sporty player, who transitioned to Trick Shots and into cue making. Till later my friend.
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    1985 valley slate

    I bought a valley table made in 1985, I am in the Process of cleaning a crazy amount of glue off the slate. My question is which side is supposed to be up? The side that has been used has grooves on it. The bottom as used is smooth with a stenciled date of 1-11-77. Did the slate get flipped...
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    Billiards training aid

    Came across a video on Youtube. Has anybody heard about it or used it yet? When I get settled in South Dakota this will go into the pool room.
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    Diamond Black Label

    What is the significance if any of this label Diamond?
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    How does this happen?

    Watch the 2 ball in the video.
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    A Big Shout out of Thanks to From the Men and Women of the 82d Reconnaissance Squadron Kadena AB Japan. They were easy to work with and very helpful! This is the completed table that myself and a few of the guys from work recovered last week. Thanks to A-1...
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    WTB Simonis Bed Cloth DVD

    Found it!!!
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    Predator shaft

    Need a Predator shaft for the Viking QR pin.
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    A ROBERTSON CUSTOM CUES Titlist conversion!

    A Titlist Conversion completed by Curtis of Robertson Custom Cues after some collaboration, of different designs, here is the finished product picked up before Christmas! Some of the best points I have seen on any conversion I have seen. All white is ivory
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    Charlottesville VA.

    Looking for places to play in and around Charlottesville VA. Thanks for the help.
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    Micro Cue Smith II

    Hightower Micro Cue Smith II lathe for sale. Accurate enough for joint work comes with every thing pictured. 1200 shipped USPS Priority Mail Insured. Also listed in Cue machinery as a Micro Cue Smith III Chris Hightower, corrected me as it being a Micro Cue Smith II. I do not have the foot...
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    Micro Cue Smith III FOR SALE

    For sale a MICRO Cue Smith III just over a year old rust you see is surface rust my dehumidifier went out hard to beat the high humidity Here in Okinawa. LATHE, sold as is with what is in pictures. 1200 shipped Insured USPS Priority mail....
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    Varney Merry Widow & Hanshew J/B

    Varney Merry Widow cue, James Hanshew J/B with laminated shaft. With a 2X4 case. Sold as a package $550 OBO, SHIPPED USPS Piority Mail insured.
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    Olhausen Monarch

    Need advice and tips on an Olhausen Monarch install. Table is currently torn down. I am getting ready to put it back together. I would love for one of the Mechanics on here to do the work, I doubt that any would travel that far , as i am in Okinawa Japan. I sourcing cloth locally, and will...
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    FS: OB Break cue

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    <<<<<Varney Merry Widow, OB Break >>>>>>

    sold and shipped