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    30” OB pro plus 5/16x14

    title says it all thanks in advance
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    1x2 case with pocket

    Looking for a 1x2 case to take to the pool hall to play 1 pocket. prefer leather maybe a Whitten or JB has to fit a 31” cue thanks in advance!
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    Rare find - Black Boar

    Not for sale, but I have been fortunate with a couple pick ups recently. Here are two Black Boar Customs I have recently acquired for everyone’s viewing pleasure. the ring work in the cocobolo cue is incredible. It was Dave Bollman’s cue
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    Wtb Cynergy 10.5 5/16x14

    Looking for Cynergy 10.5 5/16x14 new or used
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    Sold High end customs for sale

    1 - Rare Prewitt purple heart, real lizard wrap, one carbon shaft, one maple both 13mm. New from Ed last month. Traded 2 - James White 2 13mm shafts with ivory ferrules price drop to traded 3 - Black Boar - NFS 4 - 2013 SugarTree - NFS 5 - 2021 SugarTree 2 13mm shafts, extension, JPs, extra...
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    Sold 2021 Walnut Burl SugarTree

    2021 bridged recut 8 point walnut burl. This is the only cue that Eric has done in this style that I am aware of. Very unique design. 58” even split - cue is lightly used and is in excellent condition. Butt -14.80oz Shaft 1 - unplayed - 13.17mm - 4.16oz Shaft 2 - test hit - 13.17mm - 4.08oz...
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    Cuetec propel

    missing my propel. Looking for new or lightly used
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    Sold Becue Engage 3/8x10 30”

    I have two of these shafts and am wanting to get rid of one so that I can get an 11.8 fits 3/8x10 and my modified pins precision medium tip 30” 425 shipped
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    Sold Big Pin Tascarella

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    Looking for a Prewitt

    Looking for an ivory jointed Prewitt. can either look at cash or can do some big name cue trades thanks! Heath
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    Philly mask rule

    I saw where Philly was requiring masks inside again…. Anyone know if this will impact the expo? sorry if this was posted elsewhere
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    8 Point Walnut Burl SugarTree

    made new thread with updated pics after refinish
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    Sold Becue Dark Matter jump cue

    I have a very lightly used Becue Dark Matter jump cue. This cue jumps great, and I love the versatility of the 3 pieces, but I just keep going back to my propel. cue is in like new condition 250 shipped
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    WTB high end cues with 3/8x10 pin

    Looking to add some cues to my collection. Must be 3/8x10 Looking for names like: Tascarella Scruggs Prewitt Hercek preferences are an ivory joint and mint condition with full shafts. will look at others as well but in the above range. Can do cash/trades or some combination of the two...
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    Sold Mezz Power Break G and PB II

    Will add specs and pics later today. Used Power Break G with wrap. In great shape. Couple very minor marks. Small mark in finish at the joint. 775 12.91 mm 4.34oz butt weighs 14.58 Picu tip SOLD power break 2
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    Sold 2 Monster SugarTrees inside

    I’ve got my eye on another cue that is in the works, so one of these two needs to go. First is my 2020 bridged recut 8 point walnut burl. This is the only cue that Eric has done in this style that I am of. Very unique design. 58” even split - cue is lightly used (with carbon shafts) and is...
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    Q-Masters Virginia Beach

    I am headed to Va Beach for a conference that starts tomorrow…. Anyone interested in playing some cheap sets tonight at q-masters?
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    Eric Crisp finished carbon shaft 30”

    I am selling one of my custom carbon shafts finished by Eric Crisp at SugarTree cues. shaft does have a VERY minor roll, that does not in any way impact play. 30” 3.48 oz 12.55 at the ferrule 14.65 15” down (very nice taper) .847 at the joint 3/8 x 10 modified 300 shipped
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    Sold 2021 SugarTree Merry Window

    Up for sale is my unchalked 2021 SugarTree merry window. Cue is black cocobolo and quilted maple. The woods in this cue are incredible! Also has a fossilized whale bone joint. Butt is 15.23 shafts are 13.10 and 3.68/3.70 unchalked $1500
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    Sold Rounceville 360 SugarTree