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    Thread sizes for weight bolts.

    I'm doing repairs and changes to different model cues. I need to know the different thread sizes for various cues.I.E. 5/16 - 20 etc. Anyone have a list of Meucci, McDermott, Schon, Omen, and a bunch of others? Thanks a million in advance.
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    Have full size Hightower lathe for local sale

    I don't know how to private message so for details email me I guess unless someone can teach me how to pm. Since they changed it I haven't been on much because I don't know how. Binghamton N.Y. area bergencountybill@aol is my email address and is preferred if you can't teach me this new...
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    Cuemaster Deluxe wanted

    I need a cuemaster deluxe with all options if possible. Will pay good money , but don't have enough to buy a brand new loaded one. Will trade if you need a mini lathe or a second operation lathe and I have a smaller mill I can trade also. Trade not necessary though. Also I can trade a couple of...
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    Which Collet Chuck and Collets should I use for 1.25 to hold butt end and maybe shafts too.

    I'm trying to go with a collet chuck and maybe a cuemaster Deluxe or just any lathe. Which size Collet chuck and type of collets do I need. I have a lathe with a 1.50 through hole in the spindle now. and I'm thinking of buying the Deluxe . thanks in advance... I should have stated from the...
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    Best Lathe to buy for joint work and pin insertion $$

    Any suggestions for the best lathe to buy. I don't have unlimited resources and am looking at under 3000$ all in. I know what I would do with money being no object but unfortunately that isn't the case. I have the room for more than one lathe and I think I'm going to use this cheap bench...
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    Band Saw

    What's the ideal size Band saw for cuemaking?
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    "Howard The Coward"

    The Miz and I went to the U.S. Open nineball tournament in Barry Berman's poolroom. Norfolk Va. on Sewell's Point Rd. before Barry moved it to the hotel and acquired the next poolroom. Steve did well in the tournament I remembered he collected about 3000$ which was okay in those days. I got...
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    Steve 's famous Miller Lite Commercial and more

    This was on another post but he didn't let anyone know in the title. I had them for years but everyone should see this if you want to know Steve. In the Letterman show he displays his dry humor many times in fact Dave Letterman missed quite a few of his jokes. While playing Efrem Reyes in...
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    Paul Mottey cue for sale

    19.39 oz. 2 original shafts cue is overall 59 inches shafts are 29.5 inches asking 1500$ sold to first response PM me for more details pic to follow if I can figure it out. lol
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    "we almost got a divorce"

    Steve and I were at a tournament down south. It was in the eighties so I can't remember which tournament. Might have been Mississippi. Steve was in the finals of a 9 ball tournament and he and I were rooming together. Steve had been playing old pranks on me for a few days. Like shaving...
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    3 Cues for sale omen mottey predator

    I have an omen Paul Mottey. And preator cue for sale Mottey 2 shafts and extension Omen one low deflection Predator 1 shaft has extension also 2900$ for all. Text for pictures at 6076217404. Bill No trades
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    wtb deluxe used or porper any full function.

    please let me know if you or anyone is selling a deluxe or any full functioning cue lathe. cant afford a new one.thanks Bill
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    Cuesmith Deluxe used wanted

    I would like to buy a deluxe lathe or equivalent used. Big lathe not an option as im om 2nd floor. Any small cuemaker lathe ok. 607 621 7404 text me ill reply quickly. Thanks
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    WANTED predator 314.2 shaft

    Call me if you have an original predator 314/2 shaft 3/8 .10 thread. for sale. No reworks please. Bill 607 621 7404
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    One in a Zillion

    Steve was one in a Zillion! I don't even know if there is a number like that, BUT if there is he is. At his best he was that rare, But excluding his fantastic pool game his personality was that rare too. His sense of humor kept me laughing whenever I was with him. We played pranks on each other...
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    Paul Mottey Burl

    Four Points three shafts 19.3oz cue blk leather wrap hits killer 1500 email me at
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    Machinery and Wood for sale

    SOLD everything I'm 68 years old and hurt my hip and knee. Don't want to sell everything, BUT, I will sell a lot of wood, materials of all kinds, linen, leather,ferrules,delrin,phenolic linen,tips,, and a Lathe, or a Deluxe lathe, neither of which have hardly any hours on them...
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    Cue Sales

    Which forum do you put a cue for sale in? Have the rules changed on selling cues here? thanks Bill
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    change in forum format?

    Where do you sell cues now? Did they change the forum rules? thanks,
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    Chris or Basil , Todd, Gary, or whomever knows

    Do they make a four jaw chuck for a deluxe lathe or a taig type lathe that you guys make. Not one that all the jaws work at once. But an independent chuck that I can dial in very accurate. If there are none, can you tell me why?thanks, I asked this question in another thread, but you guys are...