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    What happened to monkeynutz?

    Does anyone know what happened to the member monkey nutz?
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    Wanted: gaboon ebony jet black cue blanks 1.5 x 1. 5 x 18"

    I'm looking to buy completely jet black gaboon ebony cue blanks 1.5 x 1.5 x 18" preferred kiln dried Would like 4 to 5 pieces. Thanks
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    weight bolt standards..

    I was messing around with some weights on a few cues i purchased made from a production company and noticed they use 3/8-16 it got me thinking... is there a common standard among cue makers whom use weight use this type? or are there other threads like 5/16? I found two type for...
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    Wanted: Predator Arcos Pool Balls

    Wanted: I'm looking for a set of new Predator Arcos Pool Balls pm if you have a unused set for sale.
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    KMRUNOUT clean out our inbox...and PM me

    does anyone have KMRUNOUT's phone contact? or at least let him know his inbox is full and can't receive messages. I wanted to PM him but got a kickback message saying his inbox is full. Thanks Doug
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    Eric "FATBOY" Peterson

    what happened to FATBOY? last i heard he moved from Las Vegas to Los Angeles. Then i saw this bit on youtube... but that was a few years back. haven't heard from him since.
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    Wanted: United Carbon Fiber shaft review

    Has anyone ever had experience with the United Carbon Fiber shaft? I heard he had a booth at SBE 2018 but don't know anyone who purchased one first hand looking for reviews. It's supposed to be made from the same material as the predator revo shafts. here's the link...
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    predator bk3 shaft

    looking for original predator bk3 shaft. must roll straight. Prefer newer condition...but may be interested in slightly used. send me a pm
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    name of pins or inserts?

    I have a lathe to do maintenance and cleaning. But need to purchase the pins or inserts for the shafts to be mounted on the lathe. What is the metal piece that goes into the chuck called? the item that the shaft screws onto. Is it called the pin? inserts? I saw someone selling a bundle on...
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    3rd generation X-breaker

    I'm looking for a 3rd generation X-breaker in Ebony color with a leather wrap. This version is the one without metal rings. Let me know if you have one for sale.
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    Ginacue Silver Cue and Case

    This cue is one of the most expensive and historically important cues in the industry. I was trying to find a photo of the cue and case but am having a hard time locating them on the web. I was wondering if someone had saved the photos that Kvinbrwr posted up. Last I heard he is no longer...
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    diamond pro am pockets

    I have a set of 6 used diamond pro am/smart pockets for sale. in great condition. 4 corners pockets 2 side pockets $150 shipped in North America. Willing to ship elsewhere but buyer to pay for shipping. paypal add %3 or send as gift.
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    WTB: Hager black extension

    I'm looking for a black hager extension. either size will do thanks Doug
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    WTB: CTE pro one dvd 1 and dvd 2 by Stan Shuffett

    I'm looking for a used copy of CTE pro 1 dvd 1 and dvd 2. I lost my copy. send pm. thanks
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    Trade: Kamui 1.21b for.....

    Looking to trade a new Kamui 1.21b in package for any one of the following: -(1) New Cyclops Cue ball -(1) Kamui 98.b Tan chalk -(6) Qwiz sanders
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    Now I finally have a lathe....what tools for tips?

    I now have a lathe..but i dont' know what tools i need to do tips? this is the lathe i purchased: what other tools do i need to be able to install tips? i don't have anything right i'd love to get some...
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    Predator butt diameters

    I play with a slim butt cue size (1.20") and would like to buy a newer model predator. Either the P3 series, BLAK, Roadline or Sport 2 series. Unfortunately i'm afraid the cue might be too thick in the butt cap/ butt sleeve area. Does anyone know the thickest size at the end of the cue of...
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    WTB: butt section with uniloc

    Looking for a butt section of a cue with uniloc pin type. Preferably with slim butt handle and black color but am open to considering what you have. Weight should be at least 15.5 oz if not be able to add a weight bolt. thanks Doug
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    WTB: Predator Revo Shaft

    If anyone doesn't like their Predator Revo Shaft. I'm looking to buy one. But I don't want to the anniversary butt end of the cue. Thanks
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    New Predator Extension

    sale still pending..