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    Found what I wanted.

    I am looking to buy a Durbin cue that comes with his LD shafts. Not really wanting a real fancy one, so prefer full splice sneaky or merry widow. If you have one thatt you might be interest in selling, please PM me what you have and price. Thanks Randy
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    What shaft with McDermott "Supreme" cue?

    Being in Nebraska now, I bought a McDermott "Supreme" cue, because of the nice red handle. I only expected to have it on display as I didn't think it would probably play that well. I hit a few shots with it and it played pretty well. I then turned the shaft down to 12.5 and put a different...
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    Brunswick Manhattan Pool Table

    Anyone have any experience playing on a Brunswick Manhattan pool table? If so, I would appreciate your thoughts. Couldn't really find anything when I did a search. I realize this table may not be as good as a Gold Crown or Diamond, but I might be able to get one at a very good price. They...
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    Cue ball for 1977 Valley "The Big Cat"

    I am picking up a 1977 Valley "The Big Cat" table tomorrow. I have done research ,but can't find out definitely which cue ball should be used with this table. I have seen talk of oversized, heavier, and magnetic. If someone knows, I sure would appreciate the info. Thanks in advance for any...
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    Shout Out & Thanks to CJ Wiley!

    I would like to give a shout out and thanks to CJ Wiley! My consistency in pool has been very sporadic. Some days really good and some days not so much. I had some pretty good players tell me that I was very inconsistent in my approach and stance, although they didn't have any specific...
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    Sold For Sale - Gulyassy Patent Pending "Sledgehammer - Break/Jump Cue - Sold Pending Payment

    I have a Gulyassy Patent Pending "Sledgehammer - Break/Jump Cue for sale. Specs: Butt = approximately 29" with weight of 15 oz (with weight bolt and bumper installed). Shaft = approximately 29", weight of 3.8 oz and tip diameter of approximately 13mm weight bolt and bumper = approximately 1.3...
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    Weight DEFY CF shaft

    Does anyone know weight of the DEFY CF shaft? May have missed it, but did research and couldn't find anything. Thanks in advance for any info.
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    No Longer for Sale.

    Got my eye on another Longoni cue, so up for sale is nearly new (only used a few times) Longoni Sparkle (Niels Feijen model) with LUNA NERA shaft. Specs/description: Butt: Length = 29 inches weight = approximately 14 oz (no weight bolt installed, but will take one)...
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    Longoni Luna Nera

    I just got a Longoni Sparkle (Niels Feijen line) cue with a LUNA NERA shaft. After about 5 hrs of table time with it, I wanted to give my initial impressions. Deflection = IMHO it has more than Revo (12.9 or 12.4), but less than Cynergy. If memory serves me correctly, about same as GO...
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    No Longer For Sale

    For sale is Mezz ZZ35 with upgraded elephant wrap and WX700 shaft. Will be shipped in Vincitore case. Specs/condition: ZZ35 Butt- -United joint -29 inch length -15oz weight with a 1oz Mezz weight bolt installed -Going to state that it has a small joint lift. I have rolled it on a few...
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    Sold GO-Custom SL shaft - 12.7MM - 5/16 X 14 piloted

    SPECs: *12.7mm *medium Searing tip *.830" at the joint * 5/16x14 piloted * 29" *3.82oz, on may scale Price is $245 (PAYPAL payment only). I will cover the PayPal fees and ship bu USPS priority mail
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    Sold 12.4 Predator Revo Shaft - 3/8 X 10 - Zan Hybrid Max Tip- NOW $350

    Posted in wrong section first time. REVO 12.4 shaft for sale. 3/8 x 10 with ZAN hybrid max tip. Very little use when I bought it. I also haven't used it a lot as I got a different playing cue and it has a different joint. Specs: *weight = 4.0 oz *length = 29 inches * Black vault...
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    Specs of shaft are: - Weight = 4.0 oz - Length = 29 " - Black Vault Plate Shaft had very little use when I bought it and I haven't used it much as I bought a different playing cue and joint is different. Comes with joint protector ( not original Revo one), some wipes and a patch. Price...
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    GO-CUSTOM with 10mm (snooker) shaft (5/16 x 14 piloted joint )- No longer for sale.

    Up for sale is my GO-Custom cue with 10mm (snooker) shaft. Butt is approximately 16 oz and 29.5 inches long. Shaft is 4 oz, 10 mm, and 29.5 inches long. Tip is ZAN Hybrid MAX and has mushroomed a little (please see picture) Butt has my name "Randy " engraved on it and reason I am selling for...
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    Mezz EC7 with extension - Now on eBay

    Up for sale is a Mezz EC7 (united joint) that I took in on a trade. Not sure of type of wood. Butt, without weight bolt, is approximately 13.8 oz and 29" long. Slight lift at the joint (please see picture). Some minor dings from play but nothing major. Shaft is approximately 4.2 oz and 29'...
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    GO - CUSTOM Snooker (10mm) Review

    I have had this cue for a couple of months now. Wanted to give it good use before posting review. I got the full cue (butt and shaft). Specs (which is what I ordered): Butt: 29.5 in/16oz Shaft: 29.5 in/4.1oz/10mm/ZAN Hybrid Max (my favorite tip) Balance point is 19 in Fit and finish...
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    Sold Jerry -R- "Old School

    Specs: Ebony butt sleeve and points into Birdseye maple. 4 notched MOP diamonds in the points 4 notched MOP diamonds and 4 MOP dots in the butt sleeve Stainless 5/16X14 joint White/green Cortland wrap Linen micarta ferrules Phenolic bumper Butt: 29 3/8", 15.6oz S1: 29 3/8", 4.4oz, 13.18mm...
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    Sold Lambros Merry Widow for sale

    I have a Lambros Merry Widow for sale: Believe ultra joint with white leather wrap: Specs: Butt is approximately 15.2 oz and 29 inches long Shaft 1: Approximately 3.8 oz/12.7mm/29 inches. Slight taper roll, but tip doesn't come close to leaving table. Shaft 2: Approximately 3.8oz/12.85...
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    Mezz Power Break Di II with Deep impact pro (H) shaft Having issue posting the link, so hope the above works. v/r Randy
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    Breaking with a Zan Grip Hard Tip

    Any one breaking with or tried breaking with a Zan Grip Hard tip? I just put a Zan Grip Hard on my playing cue and really like it. Decided to try and break with it and the results were pretty good. Although,I am not a good breaker by any stretch of the imagination. Would appreciate thoughts...