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    Test link
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    Pool cues on flights

    What are suggestions for getting one pool cue going with a person, on a flight? Want to make sure it’s well taken care of. TIA
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    Worst ball skid video, and GO!

    A comment Stu made got me thinking to create a quick post. LOL What's the worst ball skid that's been caught on camera? Worst in terms of how much it skidded, or how detrimental the loss was because it was clearly a skid.
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    Tai BA cues - anyone play with one? Anyone heard of, or played with one of these. Got a chance to see one in person (didn't hit with it) but the user behind it sure could get out from anywhere.
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    Anyone ever gone WAY back to the basics??

    With all this new technology being constantly thrown into the cue and equipment aspects of pool, I'm curious: For those of you that play with layered tips, CF shafts or ultra LD shaft technology, has anyone gone ALL the way back, to a standard hard rock maple shaft, and like.... a Lepro or...
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    Augusta tournament Rack and Grill II over the weekend... Results??

    Hey everyone, who won the tourney in Augusta this past weekend? Is there anywhere that I can check out the bracket?
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    How do you prepare for a tournament

    Been feeling in stroke lately, and the results of my run outs show some great progress. I'm currently riding that wave of "caught a gear" for the next however long it lasts. How do you people prepare for big tournaments that you want to do well in? I'm not going to be changing any equipment, but...
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    A story about self-hype.... gone wrong

    It's cringe worthy to even mention it, but what would everyone here do in this situation? Guy about 25-30 comes in with his gf, he's carrying a small 1x1 pool case. There's myself and another player in the room, and about 15 more that are just there for drinks. I'm playing by myself hitting...
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    Funny little Johnny Archer story....

    A couple years ago, in a local tourney here with 1,000 added and a sizeable calcutta pool going, Archer shows up. After the player auction, the TD announces some rules, as usual and then says "and a bonus! The player that knocks out Johnny Archer gets an extra $100!" The room goes silent for a...
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    Why I'll never own a pool table

    It might seem crazy, but here's my theory on why I don't want to have a pool table in my own home, even though one will fit. Pool is my social outlet. If I had one I wouldn't get out to play, and I don't think I would go on trips to play pool as much. Pool gets me out of the house, when most...
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    Thinking about writing a book...

    I was just thinking about trying out writing for a little bit. The stories, although maybe boring, would be true. With plenty of detail and background, and colorful characters. Some names changed, others (maybe?) would remain the same? Obviously wouldn't publish anything until legal...
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    Production Cue you Swear By.....

    Time for another short and nearly pointless thread from me :grin: Placed 9th in a tournament with about 40 great local players, over 60 total. I did this with my backup Palmer coupled with one of the worst hitting Players shafts I've ever shot with......... I'm on the hunt to get into higher...
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    League -Getting a foul called on you that you know isn't.....

    8 ball - Last night I had my night ruined due to an incident. I'll keep it short as I can. I'm three rail kicking out of an unintentional safety, to hit one of two balls. The kick goes long and ends up going long and a 4th and 5th rail, looking like I caught the ball only on the way out, and...
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    Pechauer JP05-Q Pool Cue - barely used

    I have a Pechauer JP05-Q Pool Cue that has about 30 games played on it (just bought). Tiger Emerald tip, 19,0 oz Still flawless tip and finish ***** SOLD*******
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    ***Best Threads of AZB Main Forum***

    ***Best Threads of AZB Main Forum*** In the spirit of the weekend, and to welcome our newest members, I wanted to start something like a thread Hall of Fame - hopefully it will become a sticky. And in this I wanted to showcase some favorites from over the years, of great threads with...
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    Eddie Cohen Cue

    Hello AZ friends For sale 13mm and 12.75mm shafts matching ringwork. Birdseye with MOP diamond inlay. Ebony Shafts have a little bluing from play, this baby is a player!!! Very small surface dings near the butt, excellent condition overall, cue is absolutely straight together and apart...
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    For Sale - Custom Cue PM for details**

    I would rather not do this post a la deanoc (no offense to dean, great poster), but I don't want to reveal the brand publicly for personal reasons. PM me here and I'll give further information, it's a player, custom, made for me, by a well known maker here. Standard length, 18.8 oz. PM me...
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    A serious pause in my stroke

    Was playing Friday, hitting them with an old buddy. Things started off okay the first rack, then out of nowhere, I develop a serious pause in my stroke. I mean..... I've had a little hitch back there (try to emulate Shane) but this was different. My back arm just literally froze, and my body...
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    Handicapped Tournaments Pros and Cons

    I'm not a great player, but do enjoy the game and attempt to take it seriously, all the while having a blast! That being said here's my take: Handicapped tournaments keep the weaker players coming back, for that chance to get lucky, but who does that benefit? Other than the obvious answer (the...