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    Shooting Pool Book - Acquisition Release

    Thanks to all for their support! ** W&B Publishing takes on Matthew Sherman’s Picture Yourself Shooting Pool, Step-by-Step Instruction for Successful Pocket Billiards! This book instructs and shows how players of any skill level may improve in pool via clear, systematic instructions with...
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    New Pool Book - Testimonies

    Check out Steve Lillis's new book: The Steve Lillis Story, Steve's prior book, was a heckuva read...
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    Suggest The Title For A Pool Book

    A new pool book is forthcoming, taking people from the basics through intermediate play. Name that book! :smile:
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    Pool School in Jacksonville, Florida this Saturday

    The attached has more details on my Pool School this Saturday. Jacksonville, FL Call Gary 904.733.6880 to reserve your spot Thanks!
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    Free Pool Clinic In North Florida - April 8

    Billiard Factory Jacksonville is hosting me for a free two-hour group lesson/clinic. Save the Date of Wednesday, April 8 for a great learning and playing clinic on the beautiful Billiard Factory tables from 6:30 to 8:30 PM (the entire Pool School Room will host this event including no jukebox...
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    The Drill Instructor's Special

    Just got word on this, a great opportunity for the holidays: 50% OFF is for EVERYTHING on The Drill Instructor's web site. Please pass this word to all the pool friends you have in the galaxy. The promo code is MC2014 at:!
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    Plow Through Breaks?

    Sorry if it's already been asked, but would anyone like to comment on Mosconi's famous "hit the rack and back into the rack again without a rail" break shots? You can just make out one of them in The Hustler. Has anyone experimented with speed and spin to duplicate this break? Thank you.
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    Overcutting Balls And Then Not

    I was inspired by recent aim conversation here to do an article on why weaker players overcut balls severely and how to stop it and I welcome comments both positive and negative. Thanks, all!
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    Mickey Holiday's Remembrance

    Steve Mizerak will always be missed. He's a pool hero of mine for sure. There are some nice tidbits from Mickey Holiday's Life Story - just posted on my site. Thank you.
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    Ultimate Aim Primer

    Hello, I've completed an 8-part series with illustrations online to give an overview of every pro method of billiards aim, and tips on aim. A rubric and glossary including tips on stance and stroke is followed by categories of aim, the full line and parallel stance methods, ghost ball vs...
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    Frank Paradise Vintage Cue

    I've posted a "bit of Paradise" and six other vintage cues this week: Thanks and enjoy! Your guide to narrowing down choices and selecting the best possible custom pool cue...