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  1. venison-slayer

    porper model B lathe

    this lathe is from a cue maker that's not making cues anymore $3500.00 pick up only
  2. venison-slayer

    porper mini lathe

    I do not own this just listing it, it's sitting in my shop and yes it works $800.00
  3. venison-slayer

    " FS " Chris Hightower

    You can see this cue being made in Chris's videos make me a offer I can't refuse there are a few small nicks just up from the bumper. No trades butt 15.25 oz ob-1 shaft 4.10 12.62 mm oringal shaft 3.35 12.35 mm
  4. venison-slayer

    stuff for sale

    hightower veneer cutting jig new never used 70.00 shipped and a dremel mount for taig base lathes its used 20.00 shipped
  5. venison-slayer

    Porper Mini-Q-Lathe

    here is a lathe from a pool hall that closed. I do not own this just sitting in my garage. The guy wants to sell it he's asking 1300.00 The vari switch wont slow it down all the way. pick up only
  6. venison-slayer


    What buffing pad and compounds do you like ? Going to buy a caswell 1100 rpm buffer
  7. venison-slayer

    Need a pin

    Needs pin for a players pure x anyone have one laying around.
  8. venison-slayer

    WTB Whitten case 4x8

    looking to buy a new case want a whitten 4x8, just thought someone might be thinking of selling theirs. Will order a new one if I have to. Show me what you have maybe we can strike a deal.
  9. venison-slayer

    R Fisher

    Has anyone herd from him won't answer the phone or Pm's. last time he as he was here was 2-7-14
  10. venison-slayer

    Built in extension

    Does any one know where to get the parts for the built in cue extensions like jacoby uses
  11. venison-slayer

    cuesmith inlay machine Attachment for cue smith lathe

    Here we have a used inlay machine for you guys that already have a cue smith lathe. You get the machine , router , 9 patterns 15 Blank Stainless steel styluses 10 allready turned, the c clamps , spring clamps ,7 carbide cutting bits SOLD shipped to the 48 states
  12. venison-slayer

    CNC wich one

    your budget is 10 grand what fits the bill. That includes eveything to run it from computer to software
  13. venison-slayer

    Brown phenolic

    looking for some brown phenolic the darker stuff not the natural. would like a foot of butt and joint, 6 in would do
  14. venison-slayer

    WTB Thuya burl

    Looking for a piece thats 1 1/2 sq 4 1/2 in long , lots of eyes, pic if you have them. Trying to match color also.
  15. venison-slayer

    FS wood and linen

    new roll of black and white 1 osage orange 18 in 1 marble wood 18in sold shipped paypal preferd if I don't get back to you right away it's because I'm having carpal tunnel surgery in the morning
  16. venison-slayer

    looking for 11.75 unfinished shafts

    I have 2 customers that want me to match 11.75 shafts to their cues any one know where I can get some that are turned down to 12.00 please PM me
  17. venison-slayer

    WTB Whitten 4 x 8 case

    Show me what u have or send pics to
  18. venison-slayer

    witch countersink 1 flute or multi

    which countersink 1 flute or multi looking to get a 60 degre countersink which is better for wood 1 flute or multi flute
  19. venison-slayer

    fs whitten 3x6 lite

    real nice whitten case couple of small marks on the bottom edge.550.00 shipped paypal
  20. venison-slayer

    first cue you made

    just woundering if you cue makers still have the first you ever made, or did money talk and it went for a walk. I made my first playing cue turned out great, IMO and some other players as well. I don't want to get to attached to every cue I make and not want to let them go.