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  1. Mikey Town

    -- Loaded Ariel Carmeli -- Brand New & Priced to Move --

    Adding a full-length photo, as well.
  2. Mikey Town

    -- Loaded Ariel Carmeli -- Brand New & Priced to Move --

    Hi all, Up for sale is a new (un-hit) Ariel Carmeli cue. The photos are not misleading... it's at least as gorgeous in person as it looks here. Incredible Curly Maple Forearm Ebony Points and Buttsleeve All the right inlays + the 24 dot trim rings (that's 192 total inlays!) No Ivory in this...
  3. Mikey Town

    Brand New - Loaded Carmeli 4-Pointer

    And a full length shot for good measure...
  4. Mikey Town

    Brand New - Loaded Carmeli 4-Pointer

    Just picked this beauty up from the shop 3 hours ago... LOVE how it came together. I'll let the photos speak for themselves. Cheers,
  5. Mikey Town

    New Eddie Cohen - Christmas Cue!

    I gave Eddie the following: I don’t like Bird’s Eye Maple I love bridged veneers Other than that, you have complete creative control... surprise me. Theme: If you made a cue for Santa Claus, this would be that cue. On Friday, he delivered this beauty. Would love to hear your thoughts...
  6. Mikey Town

    -- Gorgeous Eddie Cohen -- Lots of Bells and Whistles --

    One very smart man just agreed with you and sent the cash. Cue is sold, and will be making its new home in Texas! Now that the cue is sold, if anyone is still curious, I'll give you a photo of that watch trade that was proposed to me. This is a side-by-side. Stock photo of the watch on the...
  7. Mikey Town

    -- Gorgeous Eddie Cohen -- Lots of Bells and Whistles --

    Maximum 5 photos in the original post. Here are a couple more. Don't know how often this is said, but the custom stainless pin is just stunning... like a cherry on a sundae, or a beautiful bow on top of the perfect present. Also added Cash and Carry price... Pickup in Orange, CA.
  8. Mikey Town

    -- Gorgeous Eddie Cohen -- Lots of Bells and Whistles --

    Hi all, Up for sale is a new (un-hit) Eddie Cohen cue. It really is as gorgeous as it looks in the photos. Curly Maple and Ebony Bridged Veneers at the points Veneered Windows at the back All the right inlays Joint and Butt Cap are Tomahawk No Ivory in this cue Black Leather Wrap Tiger Onyx...
  9. Mikey Town

    -- Gorgeous Cohen -- Possible Trade for Watch --

    Hi all, I have the Cohen cue from the thread below. It's still brand new and un-hit. Great veneer colors, bridged points, veneered windows, etc... it's just gorgeous. I love it, and I don't really want to sell it... but I'd be willing...
  10. Mikey Town

    Cohen Cue in the Works

    Cue is Finished! Picked it up last night (1/23/19). It turned out fantastic! 2 photos have been added to the OP and the rest are below... enjoy!
  11. Mikey Town

    Cohen Cue in the Works

    Happy to report that we are getting very close to completion...
  12. Mikey Town

    -- Jacoby Custom Jump/Break -- Priced to Move --

    Hi all, Up for sale is a custom Jacoby Jump/Break cue. Cue has Uni-Loc joints at both positions, a phenolic tip and is in good used condition. Hits em' hard and jumps em' high. Great bang for your buck with this one. 30" Butt + 29" Shaft = 18.59 ounces of rack crushing, obstacle hurdling...
  13. Mikey Town

    — New 2X2 Volturi Case — Priced to Move —

    Hi all, Up for sale is a new, never used, 2X2 Volturi case. It’s a modern classic made from a beautiful warm brown leather. Sold shipped and PayPal’d in the CONUS. Dust jacket/bag included. Cheers, Mike
  14. Mikey Town

    HR Burl Girl

    She sent me a follow up email yesterday with updated pricing. Apparently there was an error in her spreadsheet that was causing the pricing to be calculated incorrectly. It's still pricey, but not as high as first posted. I'm sure this pricing may be subject to change, and you'd probably want...
  15. Mikey Town

    Decorative Pins in Cues

    Hi all, I had an idea that I thought turned out well and wanted to hear your thoughts on it. I feel like the pin of the cue offers some creative possibilities that haven't been fully explored. We've seen pins made of different materials, but not many that are a decorative feature of the cue...
  16. Mikey Town

    Randy Mobley Joint Protectors Free

    If anyone ever questioned whether or not Dean was a stand-up guy, see this thread.
  17. Mikey Town

    Bob Owen - Classic Bushka Style Beauty

    Hi all, Up for sale is a gorgeous Bushka style cue by Bob Owen. I purchased this cue from deanoc and he said that the green material in the butt sleeve is actually from George Balabushka's old personal stock. It hits beautifully (like all of Bob's cues) and the craftsmanship is top notch...
  18. Mikey Town

    My "Bushka Inspired" Bob Owen

    I was lucky enough to acquire this cue, as of late... it's one of the "Paternal Twins" cues that Bob did for deanoc, so photos of it have already been posted here (fairly recently). That said, as soon as I got it in hand, I realized that those photos didn't come close to doing this cue justice...
  19. Mikey Town

    The Little Things That Set Cues Apart

    In the current climate of cue making, with so many people out there producing high quality products, it's the little things that set a pool cue apart from the rest. Whether it's an uncommon material that is used really well, a particular twist on an inlay design, an unexpected color combo...
  20. Mikey Town

    --- Loaded Ariel Carmeli --- For Sale or Trade ---

    Up for sale or trade is a gorgeous 8-point cue by Ariel Carmeli. This cue is still brand new (un-chalked and un-played). Retail price is just north of $5,000 and Ariel's current wait list is at 2 years and growing. This is a great way to pick up a monster of a cue without the wait. Butt...