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    The 15 year old Mario He from PPC Ranweil, Austria beats R.Souquet 9 to 7 to move into the final of the Eurotour in Paris. He has been playing pool for 3 years, how strong is that!!!! no-sho
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    Eurotour Rankweil, Austria

    Well it's been so long since anyone has posted here. I was at Patrick's today helping with the last minute details encase anybody is interested their are still some slots left if anyone wants to play. I'm trying to decide if I want to donate my money, cause I have probably played 10 times in...
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    Looks like TheOne and Roy are hanging tough. Good luck!!!! I'll be seeing you in Rankweil soon enough. :p No-sho
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    V cash

    I just noticed I've been stiffed for my V cash! What's uuup??????:confused: no-sho
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    314 blanks

    First I would like to apologize in advance if this has been asked before but I couldn't find it in a search. My question is, I have a customer that wants a couple of 314 shafts with matching rings to fit a custom cue and the price of the 314 blanks from Atlas Billiard Supply are $140 or $145 and...
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    European Championships

    If anybody is interested the semi final match between Thorsten Hohmann of Germany and Alex Lely of Holland is starting now.
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    World Championships for Women

    I don't post on here very often and I apologize to the other very active members that do, for not contributing more often. With other such knowledgeable members aboard it isn't very long before someone else comes up with the same info I would have contributed anyway. The W.C. for women this...
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    World 8 Ball Championships

    IF anybody is interrested,Reyes won another 8 Ball World Championship again!!!! I believe it was 10 - 8 for Reyes against Manalo in the final. NO - SHO