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    🔥🔥 Ed Prewitt....Black White Ebony 🔥🔥

    Absolutely beautiful!!!!
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    Ballstar liquid cleaner

    Not sure what brand mine is, but not a BallStar. I spray the balls.
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    Ballstar liquid cleaner

    I have been using Brillanize for years and haven't had any issues.
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    Gold Crowns

    Concur! Loved my GC5. Have also had GC2 and GC3 and they were also very good.
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    Favorite table

    Gold Crown.
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    Found what I wanted.

    I am looking to buy a Durbin cue that comes with his LD shafts. Not really wanting a real fancy one, so prefer full splice sneaky or merry widow. If you have one thatt you might be interest in selling, please PM me what you have and price. Thanks Randy
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    What shaft with McDermott "Supreme" cue?

    Thanks for the responses. I got an email back from McDermott and they said it was their maple shaft and they could make me another one. That is the route I will take to make sure joint, including diameter, matches.
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    What shaft with McDermott "Supreme" cue?

    Pretty sure not a G-core shaft. Sent email to McDermott asking the question.
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    What shaft with McDermott "Supreme" cue?

    Thanks for the inputs.
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    What shaft with McDermott "Supreme" cue?

    Being in Nebraska now, I bought a McDermott "Supreme" cue, because of the nice red handle. I only expected to have it on display as I didn't think it would probably play that well. I hit a few shots with it and it played pretty well. I then turned the shaft down to 12.5 and put a different...
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    Price for a used valley pool table?

    I bought one about a month ago for $500. Put Champion 30/30 and new Penguin pro cut rails on it and it plays nice.
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    Championship Tournament vs Simonis color

    That is the felt I just installed and that is a good picture of the color.
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    Brunswick Manhattan Pool Table

    Thanks for the reply. I will keep looking for a commercial table, as I am a serious player. At least want to be.
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    Brunswick Manhattan Pool Table

    Anyone have any experience playing on a Brunswick Manhattan pool table? If so, I would appreciate your thoughts. Couldn't really find anything when I did a search. I realize this table may not be as good as a Gold Crown or Diamond, but I might be able to get one at a very good price. They...
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    DAZN is it worth it

    For me it is worth it and I only watch pool and snooker. If you are into boxing, darts, or some of the other sports they show, then even better!
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    Cue ball for 1977 Valley "The Big Cat"

    Thanks. That is what I wound up doing.
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    Cue ball for 1977 Valley "The Big Cat"

    Greatly appreciate your response!
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    Cue ball for 1977 Valley "The Big Cat"

    I am picking up a 1977 Valley "The Big Cat" table tomorrow. I have done research ,but can't find out definitely which cue ball should be used with this table. I have seen talk of oversized, heavier, and magnetic. If someone knows, I sure would appreciate the info. Thanks in advance for any...
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    Largest audience for a billiard event?

    Thanks for doing that! I was so looking forward to watching.