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  1. Jack Justis

    Justis Special Edition 1 x 2 Cases

    Limited time only. $425 shipped Phone calls welcomed 954-296-9259
  2. Jack Justis

    l Porper Model B

    SOLD I have decided to sell my pristine Porper Model B lathe with all original attachments plus a lot of extras.This lathe has been used mainly for tips, ferrels and cleaning shafts, never for making shafts or cues, even though it is fully capable of making both shafts and butts with the taper...
  3. Jack Justis

    Justis ProLite Alligator

    This 2019 black Florida alligator with python inlaid pockets and back panel, silver accents and hardware along with scroll tooling make this one of the favorite combinations. $3500 Includes US shipping Jack Justis Call my cell - 954-296-9259
  4. Jack Justis

    Justis 2x4 Hair on Cow

    Case has been sold. Thanks for your interest Black/White HOC fully loaded with all options. Ready to ship. $1500 Shipped
  5. Jack Justis

    Justis Cases, LLC

    After 29 years, the clock is ticking down and the time is getting shorter. We are entering the last stretch of the race to complete the final Justis Cases. Over the years, we have met so many in the pool industry and have made valued lifetime friends. You know who you are. With limited...
  6. Jack Justis

    Justis ProLite 2x4

    $900 including US shipping. SOLDI
  7. Jack Justis

    Justis Black Ostrich Cyber Thursday Sale

    Beginning tonight at 12 o’clock this black ostrich case will go on sale with free shipping and no tax. This will be the last ostrich case that I will build. Price is $2500. SOLD SOLD
  8. Jack Justis


    No one compares to Gentry when it comes to polishing the bright work.
  9. Jack Justis

    Another Yippy Ki Yay

    This one will be at the expo if still available..
  10. Jack Justis

    Justis Cue Collection

    Tonkin, Nitti, blackcreek Jacoby leather and Carmeli sold. These cues will be at our booth at the SBE next month. If you have any interest let me know.Prices are shown left to right on the sheet at the bottom
  11. Jack Justis

    Justis ProLite 3 x 6

    This standard 3 x 6 is the last one that we will make. Comes with letter of authenticity. $975 incl.shipping 3 x 6 Dark brown/medium brown with 16" pocket Extra 8" pocket Scroll tooling Extra tooling Gold accents Pad for strap Leather bottom band Justis crest on back panel
  12. Jack Justis

    Justis cue collection

    Available at the EXPO April 14-17
  13. Jack Justis

    Alligator Prolite

    This full Florida gator with cities tag will be available at the SBE,
  14. Jack Justis

    Another Yippee Ki-Yay Prolite

    This one will be available at SBE,
  15. Jack Justis

    Red and Black

    On its way to Japan
  16. Jack Justis


    Pics worth a thousand words.
  17. Jack Justis

    Nokishoff's New Full Elephant ProLite

    This one shipped out today to my friend up North. Appreciate the business past and present Nick!
  18. Jack Justis

    Justis ProLite for Mike Monegato

    This one shipped about a week ago. We appreciate your business Mike.
  19. Jack Justis

    Justis ProLite for Mike Sellers (Whiteoak)

    Shipping out on Monday to my friend in TN. We appreciated your continued business Mike. 2x4 Mahogany, Scroll, Extra tooling, pad.
  20. Jack Justis

    Justis ProLites

    You can't beat authentic when it comes to look, feel and quality