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  1. stevelomako

    DCC 2020—Updates

    Ok, we know people are already there and rolling in today so let’s start hearing what’s going on. What’s the new setup look like? How many tables?
  2. stevelomako

    Cues and gifts stolen in Wichita

    Well the Grinch paid us a visit for Christmas. My wife and I took a 1500+ mile trip to surprise our 2 kids and 5 grandchildren when they were expecting us not to even have a chance of coming to see them. To make a long story short, our car was broken into on Christmas Eve night in Wichita...
  3. stevelomako

    USA @ US Open

    Not looking good for the Red White & Blue. 10 Americans left and none on the winners side. Looks like everything is going to rest on the shoulders of Captain America.
  4. stevelomako

    US Open 9 Ball prize fund--explained for simpletons

    I'm so tired of people that can't read and understand how it's working. To make it simple: Barry is adding 60,000 and paying 15,000 in entries for 15 former winners. That is a total of 75,000 out of his pocket which the WPA is basing the tournament level on. If some of the players Barry...
  5. stevelomako

    Problems with DCC payouts!

    THERE ARE NONE...imagine that. They do a nice job paying out a ton of people for different events and you never hear squat.
  6. stevelomako

    Why no open division @ BCAPL tournament?

    Why isn't there an open division at the BCAPL tournament in Vegas? Mark is involved with tons of "Pros", has tried all kinds of other stuff at his events, why not this? Have a $5000.00 entry team event. Any players in the world can make up a team. I know a few stake horses would put teams...
  7. stevelomako

    Rubber Nibs for Brunswick Gold Crown cue racks

    I have some new rubber nibs for the Gold Crown cue racks. 4 for $10.00 mailed. Thanks
  8. stevelomako

    FS: Misc. books

    All items have been SOLD, thanks to all for your interest. Some books laying around for sale. "Minnesota Fats" On Pool--1st printed 1965, this is 1970 edition Winning Pocket Blilliards by Willie Mosconi--1st printed 1965, this is 1976 edition Willie Mosconi on Pocket Billiards--1st printed...
  9. stevelomako

    FS: Pro Billiards Tour--trading cards

    Selling a set of 1993 World Wide Collectibles--Pro Billiards Tour trading cards. Make an offer. Thanks.
  10. stevelomako

    Cornbread Red--wallhanger cues

    All items are SOLD thank you all for your interest. Here are a few of Cornbreads old cues that he used. They are not straight and were abused by him. Anyone familar with Red knows he didn't take good care of his equipment and he probably broke and smashed more cues than anyone that ever...
  11. stevelomako

    FS: AZBilliards/ signed banner

    SOLD I'm selling the AZBilliards/ members room banner I purchased a few years ago. This was always in the DCC forum members room at The Executive West hotel and the pros and well known players that accidently came stumbling in would sign it. Here is the list of the signatures...
  12. stevelomako

    FS: National Billiard News--misc old issues

    National Billiard News--53 misc old issues: 1978--oct/nov 79--apr/may/july/aug 80--sept/dec 81--apr/may/aug/sept/oct/nov/dec 82--jan/feb/mar/apr/oct/nov 83--jan/mar/jun/july/sept/sept se/dec 84--jan/feb/mar/apr/may/aug/sept/nov/dec...
  13. stevelomako

    Bonus Ball Rumors???

    Is Bonus Ball being sold to some rich Asian guy (Stanley Ho?) and are they working on a deal to be on Versus sports programming...all depending on on-line gaming becoming legal???? I'm sooooo confused. I received this from a Bonus Ball (BB) player... Dear Bonus Ball Players, I promised...
  14. stevelomako

    Airport/Hotel shuttle--2013 Derby City Classic

    Enzo will be doing the shuttle service again between the Airport and the Hotel. Enzo 313-268-4203 About the easiest thing to do is call him now and just let him know what day you're coming and how many people...then the day you're coming, just call him when your plane lands in Louisville...
  15. stevelomako

    2012 AZ/OP members room interest thread

    Talking with Greg Sullivan we have decided to see if there is enough interest in the room to make it worthwhile this year. Without going into too much detail, the last few years have been dropping in members and things have gotten side tracked with the One Pocket challenge in the room and no...
  16. stevelomako

    Airport to DCC / Hotel - shuttle info.

    Enzo will be doing the shuttle again this year. The I-64 bridge is closed so the route is longer to the casino. The cab companies rate from the airport to the casino is $80.00! You can give him alot less than that even with the gas prices so high. Just call him when you land at the airport...
  17. stevelomako

    FS: Its George 1x2 black case

    Selling an Its George case. Black. 1butt 2shafts. Really don't know what to ask so I guess I'm just looking for a fair offer. Thanks
  18. stevelomako

    FS: Winning One Pocket-1st edition

    Selling a copy of Winning One Pocket. Its a 1st edition with the signatures. $275.00 shipped. Looked around and think this is a fair price. Thanks
  19. stevelomako

    For Sale: Buddy Hall book--Rags to Rifleman

    Hard to find Buddy Hall book. Tons of pictures and stories. A great summertime read. Autographed by Buddy and the author. The book is in good condition. Selling to the best offer. Thanks
  20. stevelomako

    FS: Buddy Hall book, Rags to Rifleman

    A good copy of Rags to Rifleman. Signed by Buddy and Woody. First $150 takes it. Read it and resell it or wait till the economy picks up. Thanks