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    Where do you hit the CB to get the most spin in a draw shot?

    You can also elevate the cue, while hitting at the same spot as before, to get more draw. :)
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    i filmed myself shooting. I Dont like what I see

    I finally decided to prop my phone up, and film myself shooting. I dont like what I see. My stroke is wobbly and looks terrible. I had no idea how bad it was. I feel good shooting, and do get good results. I have been playing for 18 years, and am the 2nd/3rd best player on my league out of 40...
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    Keith McCready's US Open monster stroke shot.

    No need to apologize, a gorgeous stroke then runout!
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    One main "straight" stroke fundamental

    Better for the instructors' forum, but a commitment to a straight stroke whether or not you feel aim is off. This is the very fastest way to both straighten your stroke and learn instinctive, correct aim. If conversely, you feel aim is off but don't commit to a straight stroke, you will likely...
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    Another observation: PSR

    The last part of the PSR is the "checkoff point" -- your time to stop left-braining shape, speed and etc. and get down to feel and do/in the zone. Billiards and golf are static, in other stick-and-ball sports we respond creatively to a moving target. Is there time to tighten on an incoming...
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    lack of fundamentals or lack of practice?

    Put differently, the people who practice incessantly without improvement need lessons/direction/a look at their fundamentals.
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    What do you do when you're lost?

    The Ask The Instructor subforum is best.
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    What do you do when you're lost?

    Free lesson for you or post a vid for instruction here. Would like to see your stroke mechanics and stance. Thanks.
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    Dr Dave and 1p ?

    I used my own teaching methods for english and rails before his series--but his series is clear, quick, outstanding!
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    Dr Dave and 1p ?

    My friend Tom "Dr. Cue" Rossman has a superb banks and kicks series on YouTube. Free to watch.
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    CB Path vs Stroke

    Unfortunately even those doing as you describe struggle with draw. There are solutions, though.
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    I don't have to P.
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    Tip shape

    In general, amateurs who like a nickel shape find they get more spin with a dime but more errors, too. Most amateurs should use a nickel roundness on a 13 mm tip IMHO.
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    What should an average player, looking to improve do when...

    Memorize the four basic safety plays that will get you through most challenges: 1. Thin hit to send the cue ball far from the object ball 2. Thick hit for vice versa 3. Half ball hit to control both balls, to roll them toward a nasty bank or etc. for the incoming shooter 4. Pocket a ball while...
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    Is "Feel" Essential for Successful Aiming?

    Regarding the OP, there is both feel and mechanics involved when one wants to improve aim. Key example: A lot of students aim slightly off then swerve the cue to adjust, subconsciously. They have to feel a straight stroke and commit, even if they think aim is off, then judge the hit for thick...
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    Another observation: PSR

    It could be--the very best players in all stick-and-ball sports have a time and place (could be air stroking) when they move from left-brain and static, to feel, move and perform. Pool is tough because the ball just sits there and waits for you to right brain and feel, but in basketball...
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    CB Path vs Stroke

    Yes. Observe APA 5s and 6s and you see them struggle with draw shots--distance drawn off the ob and so on.
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    CB Path vs Stroke

    The different strokes/stroke techniques in part come from the different feel/feedback from varied angles/points of cb contact. For example, stroking a draw with an emphasis on a loose grip and a flowing followthrough helps in gaining good contact below center.
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    Another observation: PSR

    Key for you (and for many!) have a PSR including a checkoff point where you move off mechanical focus to feel and feedback.
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    Backhand Aiming

    Although you speak of aim, this can also be helpful for stroke. Quite a few players would benefit from "working" the stroke hand better or even "feeling the middle of the cue come through the shot" rather than being obsessed with tip movement.