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  1. jason

    This guy has a Cannon of a break!!!

    All seriousness, it amazes me how amateurs are always so excited about slop. It's like they think they accomplished something. It's comparable to winning the lottery and thinking you are a financial genius. Anyway, enjoy the video.
  2. jason

    Rio Hotel is SOLD!

    The Rio has been sold on September 23. Not sure what that means for the BCA in the future, but I think they are good for the next couple years. The WSOP will stay the property of Ceasars Hotel. It was bought by a NY company.
  3. jason

    Joe Rogan - "Pro pool players look down on bowlers"

    Yep that's his quote. I know he was saying in a half ass tongue and cheek kinda way, but I'm pretty sure bowlers are doing a lot better than pool players. Any comments, figures? Anyway, King Pin was a classic comedy. Maybe we need a pool comedy?
  4. jason

    The Fargo High Run?

    Mike, Have you ever figured a formula for either playing the ghost or high ball run to figure a fargo rate? Obviously, one run or set against the ghost would not be high enough, but rating against some known stats might be comparable. For example, what is John Schmidts average run and then how...
  5. jason

    John Schmidt - How high will he go?

    This month Mr. 400 will try to break Mosconi's 526 record. Mid March 2019, 6 hours a day, 5 days a week for (how many?) weeks. I wish him the best of luck. How high will he go? It is supposed to be streamed live. Post a link here when it does.
  6. jason

    Shaft dent removal techniques

    My buddy put a dent in his shaft and was asking how to get it out. I smashed mine in the car door a long time ago and my cue maker was able to almost completely fix it by steaming it. Anyone know the best technique to do this?
  7. jason

    Pichitas: A Costa Rican Pool Documentary

    JAM, I was thinking of you when I saw this. I've never seen it, so maybe you haven't either. Enjoy. I guess you play without a shirt down there.
  8. jason

    The Willie Mosconi Story 1952

  9. jason

    Help me find this guy

    I was watching a video on YouTube recently and saw this guy with a killer break. I can't remember who he was, but here is what I think I know/remember. The video I believe was in the early 90's, I think he was playing Efren (shouldn't be hard to find right?). He was a heavy set guy, and I know...
  10. jason

    Big Question: Why Does Booze Help Me Play Better Pool?

    Not my title, just passing the story on here:
  11. jason

    SAT MAY 16th, 8-Ball, Chris's billiards, Chicago, IL, ADDED $500

    Just the messenger, read poster for more information.
  12. jason

    Chicago Roll Call: BCA Single Nationals

    Anyone from the Chicago area going to BCA national in July? I'm looking to meet and spar a little on the table or just meet some peeps going. I have a group of about 6 going now. I live in the city. :)
  13. jason

    Pool Bowling?

  14. jason

    Got a New POOL Table at work! :(

    So... my building remodels the ground floor and the mezzanine. Opened the mezzanine level on Wednesday with a gym, meeting rooms, small work stations and then I peek around the corner and there is a pool table! Yeah! Not a Diamond but YEAH!, its an Olhausen. I don't think I have ever played on...
  15. jason

    Message from EARL STRICKLAND

    @ss Weights. 10 footers. 11 for a million. ...just a little distraction from the message from JOHNNY ARCHER thread! This will probably in no time have 5 pages of bullsh*t too.
  16. jason

    The Scoop on Bonus Ball

    Ok folks...what really happened with Bonus Ball? Why did it fold so quickly? What was the contract with the players? Did they get paid? Who owns the building? Who invested and how much of a stake did Larry have in it? What is going to happen with the facility now? Is there a calendar of the...
  17. jason

    Places to play in Milwaukee

    I will be taking a short trip to Milwaukee at the first of the month via the train from Chi-town. Any places to play downtown?
  18. jason

    Bonus Ball Poll - Like it or hate it?

    Ok folks, Bonus Ball has finally debuted. I'm sure. as with every change from the traditional, there will be resistance. The question is: Do you like Bonus Ball or not? I for one, embrace change when needed, but reject it when not. Change in pool is definitely needed. Pool must change to...
  19. jason

    Guest Staring on Sharks Episode X

    How do I get to a guest appearance on Sharks? I'm asking because it seems like Jennifer Barretta is sleeping with everyone! :thumbup: :D I wonder if Mika is next! ...and that poor sucker from Ohio that he beat up on didn't look a think like Corey! :p :D
  20. jason

    Most Positive Poster

    We all have had bad days and bad games, but over coming adversity in all aspects of life is an important part of personal improvement. Remaining positive and having faith is crucial IMO. We have had too many negative people and posts on AZ lately. I say lets recognize those who are positive...