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    Places To Play In NE Georgia

    I'm visiting friends in Ellijay this summer and was wondering if there are any places to play within an hour or so of there? I've visited many times over the last twenty years, but this time I may stay long enough to shoot a few racks. Any pool rooms or bars to recommend? Best, Mike
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    Addressing The Cue Ball Low For Most Strokes

    I've found it to be a reliable cuing position on most of my basic shots. It's a solid hit on the cue ball as I "move up the ladder" toward follow strokes. I also find it's easier to gauge my speed control by stroking through the cue ball rather than off of it, up or to the side. SVB and The...
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    Who Should Get A "Pro Player" Banner?

    Which posters should be identified with the black, "Pro Player" banner under their avatar? I can think of several who qualify, but where should the cut off point be? What is a pro and how good do they have to be to be considered worthy of the black label? Tourney wins, gambling triumphs, or...
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    Aiming With Shadows

    I recently came across an old thread by Grey Ghost, on shadow aiming. He mentioned an update, but I must have missed it. I can use it on my table with two 8 foot fluorescent bulbs. There aren't many shadows, but once you dial in on what part...
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    Rear Foot Placement In Your Stance

    I've heard quite a few different opinions on the best rear foot placement recently and I don't think some of them are correct. I put my rear foot at the front of the heel/rear of the arch on the shot line. I'm right eye dominant, right handed and have more of an open stance. Where do you put...
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    Cue Ball Deflection and Bob Meucci

    Here is a conversation by Bob Meucci in 1999 about his opinion on cue ball deflection. DEFLECTION Written in 1999 It has come to my attention that the term "deflection," which we introduced in 1976 through our Meucci literature and through the professional ranks, has now taken on a different...
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    What is the best game for practice?

    I found that straight pool helped my 9ball and 10 ball games. If I played just 9 or 10 ball, I didn't see any noticeable improvement. My friends have mentioned this to me, too, over the years. I think it's the continued focus and the idea of running more than just a rack or two. The tight...
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    TOI and Outside Spin

    I started using TOI when CJ first began his instruction here on this forum. I have a really good sense of what I can do with it, so I decided to work a little more with outside spin. I come down on every shot with my cue lined up with a hair of an inside setup. To get outside spin, CJ said he...
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    Ways To Keep Your Dominant Eye, Dominant

    I'm right handed, right eye dominant. When I play, my left eye occasionally sneaks in on the shot and causes a miss now and then. Usually because I'm tired or just plain lazy. I have a few different ways to keep this from happening. I'd be interested to hear about other player's methods if...
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    Contact Point Aiming Illusion

    Contact point aiming is probably one of the most common aiming techniques out there. I believe Jim Rempe, among others stated he just aims at the contact point. It's easy to figure out. You stand behind the object ball and sight a line to the intended pocket. The problem is that if you use...
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    An alignment method

    Here is an alignment method I use for shots less than a half ball hit. It uses the contact point as a benchmark so it is continually changing with each shot. Despite the ever changing contact point, consistency develops with the finite number of angles learned as with all fractional systems...
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    Placebo effect

    Have you ever tried something new or different and gotten a positive result in your game? Only to have it not work so well a day or two later? Was it the placebo effect or were you on to something, but failed to ingrain it into your shooting process? It could be psychological or it might be the...
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    PSR and Alignment

    When you begin your PSR, do you use an aiming system? Or do you use an alignment that is comfortable and reliable? Both ways will establish a consistent visual starting point, but are they actually the same thing? An aiming system user will verify certain points to put their self in the correct...
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    A lesson with Lee Brett at Best Billiards

    I didn't post this in the review section because I wanted to mention my experience with the room and the coach. Over the holidays I was fortunate enough to spend some time with Lee Brett at Best Billiards in Las Vegas. I'd like to say how impressed I was with the room. First class...
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    Tips of english or stroke?

    Whenever there is a discussion about a particular spin shot, the terminology for the amount of english needed is usually given as one tip, two tips, half of a tip, etc. While this is a good indicator of the amount of spin you need to pocket the ball, is this what every player does? IOW, does...
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    Where's Don Feeney?

    Has anybody heard from Don lately? I haven't read anything about him for a while. Best, Mike
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    Happy Birthday, Karen Corr!

    Happy Birthday to a future HOF'er! :happy-birthday: Best, Mike
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    Is inside english harder for you to use?

    I like to spin balls into the hole with outside english. I have no problem aiming them, but have to think about my alignment when I use inside spin. I have a few different methods that work, but why is inside/reverse spin so much harder to use? Players even buy LD shafts to eliminate this...
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    Did Simonis cloth change the game?

    I quit playing in the 80's and picked it up again a few years ago. The biggest change I noticed was the cloth. It was much faster and took a lot of the draw stroke out of position play. Babying the ball and bunting shots was easier than going the extra rails. :poke: It became easier to move...
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    Digging into the cue ball for side spin

    Billiards players are known for digging into their cue ball for extreme english to avoid a miscue. Can this be done without elevating the back end of the cue stick? Swerve can be done with a follow or draw stroke, but is this considered digging in? Efren digs into the cue ball and stays very...