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  1. tikkler

    Room cleaning

    Do you? Clean the pool balls at least once a day Clean the billiard balls after every game Vacuum the pool tables at least once a day Vacuum the billiard tables after every game Vacuum the floor every morning Clean the bathrooms 10 times or more a day Dust the lights at least once a week Clean...
  2. tikkler

    Table cloth?

    Hey guys, give me your opinion on what cloth is best in your room? Thanks, Steve
  3. tikkler

    Mike Morgan cue WANTED

    Looking for a Michael Morgan cue that he made around 2013 Thanks Tikkler
  4. tikkler

    The disintegrating cue

    Thomas Wayne's famous disintegrating cue
  5. tikkler

    Ivory McDaniel

    :thumbup:This Bill McDaniel cue was bought straight from Bill. It is unchalked and has been in storage ever since it was bought. All the white is ivory........ $4,750
  6. tikkler

    Gracio IVORY

    Does anyone remember this one. It's unchalked. GIVING IT AWAY. The first $6,750 Takes it This cue was delivered to me at VF by Scott Gracio. It's been in storage ever since SLASHED PRICE ..............$5,250
  7. tikkler


    Paul Mottey Purple Heart beauty could be yours for a slashed price of $2,750 Text Steve at Sold........sold..........sold...................
  8. tikkler


    Ariel carmelli's first 15th anniversary set. Player and breaker with the case Brand new condition. $3,500 If interested email SOLD........SOLD.........SOLD
  9. tikkler

    all IVORY

    Scott Gracio hand delivered this baby to me in VF. It's unchalked........ It may be available
  10. tikkler

    Master pre-flag

    Looking for a gross of master pre flag chalk.... Must be blue Steve
  11. tikkler

    more manzino pics

  12. tikkler

    Double vision Manzino cues

  13. tikkler

    Double Vision....MANZINO

    Bob just made these matching set for me.......what do you think?????? sorry for the crummy pics Steve Thank you for the opportunity to undertake this project. I chose to call this identical pair "Double Vision" for obvious reasons but also for the effect on my...
  14. tikkler

    Table vacuum

    Setting up a new room and was wondering what vacuum you guys found did the best job vacuuming tables. .
  15. tikkler

    WTB Bill McDaniels cues

    looking for Bill McDaniel cues in excellent shape.....$$$$$$ is a waiting steve .
  16. tikkler

    Frank Paradise????????????

    more pics
  17. tikkler

    Frank Paradise????????????

    i sure think its a Paradise...any thoughts?
  18. tikkler

    Wtb 2 billiard tables ny area

    I am looking for two used billiard tables...patiently waiting with cash in hand. .
  19. tikkler

    ✦✦ 2013 AZB Cue of the Year ✦✦

    manzino i am nominating this badboy.....
  20. tikkler

    2013 bob manzino