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  1. DogsPlayingPool

    Who preferred the triangle rack at the Swanee?

    Curious of the perspective from both the competitors and the spectators. For some reason the MBR was not used this year, which is a question in itself. I attended the tournament Saturday night and watched the stream on Sunday. I liked the hard breaking, reduced pattern racking, and the...
  2. DogsPlayingPool

    Results of today's Bonus Ball match...

    According to the WPBL website the final score of tonight's match between Minnesota and Miami was 0-0.
  3. DogsPlayingPool

    Who do you think won the showdown at the close of TCOM?

    Well, TCOM happened to be on TV today and it got me thinking how Scorsese left open the question of who wins that showdown between Vince and Eddie at the close of the movie, perhaps in anticipation of a sequel that wasn't made. Anyway, I don't recall this being asked before and thought it might...
  4. DogsPlayingPool

    Have the Aramith Tournaments been discontinued?

    I notice they have disappeared from Aramith's website. I saw no mention of them on the home page either. Kinda strange.
  5. DogsPlayingPool

    Analyze the draw for the DP tournament

    EDIT: The posted groups are from 2011. My bad :o
  6. DogsPlayingPool

    No more ABP website?

    I tried unsuccessfully to visit their website today. Apparently the domain expired on 6/11 and is pending either renewal or deletion. Interesting.
  7. DogsPlayingPool

    Speed comparison: Milliken Super Pro vs. 860 and 860 HR

    Recently played on a Diamond with Milliken SP and it seemed pretty fast. I was wondering if you guys can tell me generally how the speed of this cloth compares to 860 and 860HR. Thanks.
  8. DogsPlayingPool

    Fury Straight Pool Challenge Final will be streamed today

    Just a reminder, they just announced it on the 10 Ball stream so I thought I'd remind you guys. I guess it's on after the 10 Ball final, which is scheduled for 3:30P Eastern. EDIT: For whatever reason the 14.1 stream was pulled. Very disappointing...
  9. DogsPlayingPool

    Swanee Results And Pay Outs Are Posted

    Alex got $3K for winning and Oscar $1.5K for 2nd. $15,520 total. And BTW, the pot's right so don't even start...;) The complete results can be found at PlayBCA HERE
  10. DogsPlayingPool

    2012 Swanee was fantastic - Thanks to all involved!

    Just wanted to give a shout out to Mark, Sunny, and ALL the people of CSI as well as Hard Times and Dan of POV and everyone involved with providing the stream. Special thanks also to the sponsors for their support. Thanks to everyone for the hard work to run and broadcast one mofo of an event...
  11. DogsPlayingPool

    Thanks to Robin Dodson!!

    Robin made an appearance at our league last night and did a great job. She was there for several hours and spent a lot of individual time with members giving instruction on how to execute jump shots. Every time I looked over there she was helping some body. It was really great to have this...
  12. DogsPlayingPool

    Did Diamond redesign the Professional?

    Was watching the WPBA tour championships on ESPN today and Mitch said they were playing on a Diamond Professional, but the table definitely looked different than the Pro that I'm used to seeing - the one currently shown on Diamond's website. This one had different legs, almost a cross between...
  13. DogsPlayingPool

    Final day US Open match times??

    If the times on the Accustats home page are good for tomorrow that would make it: Day: 11A; 1P; 3P Evening: 7P; 9P; 11P Does anyone know if these are still correct for tomorrow? Thanks!
  14. DogsPlayingPool

    Has the forum been running slow lately?

    The last couple of days sometimes pages seem to be loading real slow for me and I was just wondering if anyone else has had this experience. The rest of the internet has been no problem for me, just here.
  15. DogsPlayingPool

    R.I.P. Peter Falk

    Pool playing celebrity Peter Falk died last night at age 83. His role of Columbo was no doubt an all time classic, and he was a friend of the game.
  16. DogsPlayingPool

    2nd Annual DogsPlayingPool Invitational Results

    2nd Annual DogsPlayingPool Invitational Results: The 2011 DPP Invitational is in the books. I want to thank everyone for participating because without all of you, even though I would have won, it would have been a hollow victory. A special congratulations to the money winners. In the spirit...
  17. DogsPlayingPool

    Billiard cues on "How It's Made" at 4:30 PDT on SC & SCHD (Cox)

    On the Science Channel. Check you local listings. I'm guessing this will be production cues. Since it's a repeat, does anyone know where this was done?
  18. DogsPlayingPool

    Need help on getting audio out from computer to the TV.

    I'm trying to make it more enjoyable to watch streams by putting them on my TV. No problem with the video, I just hook the HDMI cable from my computer to the TV and everything displays fine, but the audio doesn't go through with the video. I can hear the audio on my computer but it's not...
  19. DogsPlayingPool

    Charity Pool Tournament gets Promoted on Fallon.

    Justin Tuck from the NY Giants was on Fallon last night promoting a charity tournament he's involved with to support children's literacy. They shot a little pool too. Here's the clip Maybe this is what pro pool needs, follow the formula used by golf back in the day where they had celebrities...
  20. DogsPlayingPool

    Hager website is back up

    Not sure if this has been posted before, but it appears the Hager site is back up. Just thought I'd pass it along since I know of a few who are looking for extensions. Just thought I'd pass along the news.