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    Happy Halloween

    I no longer post on AZB but thought I would drop by to wish you all a Happy Halloween.
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    God Bless America

    Hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July. Mike ... is this OK or kinda political? ;)
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    Foul question

    Does the 3 consecutive foul penalty of 15 points result in a total of 17 or 18 points?
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    Hi Mike, No July issue of Buzz? Hopefully you're just skipping one month. :confused: Tom
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    Anyone know this room?

    My son, while on a business trip to Richmond, VA, shot me this pic thinking I would get a kick out of it. I did and I hope some of you do also. Anyone know this room? I'd love to see the inside.
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    15th ball

    In the same day I saw two different instances of how this should be handled. When the 15th (break ball for the next rack) ends up in the rack area where should it be placed? Once I noticed that they just made a full rack and once it was spotted to the head of the table. I've uncovered two...
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    Happy Easter all you Pool Junkies

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    Delayed drop

    I was playing a friend straight pool when my run was ended by a jawed ball. It was half way over the edge … very frustrating. As my opponent approached the table and began viewing how he would proceed all of a sudden the ball dropped. Nobody bumped or even touched the table and probably 5 or...
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    Ralph Greenleaf

    Anyone have any news/update on Dolan's biography on Ralph? Thought it was due out late last year.
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    Multiple balls pocketed question

    Quick question for you 14.1 experts. I know if you make your called ball and another goes in you get that extra point. If somehow a non called ball is pocketed before your called ball actually drops, does that matter?
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    In the kitchen question

    In straight pool if a player has ball in hand after an opponent scratches are object balls touching the string line playable or must they either be fully in or out of the kitchen? Thanks in advance.
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    Does anyone else think ....

    ... that it is almost sacrilege to pay $500 for a carbon fiber shaft and put it on a beautiful birds eye maple shaft with expensive inlays? I admit I'm old and old school but really??? All the hype about the most accurate shaft and blah, blah blah but really isn't this just blaming the arrow...
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    Game Room pic of Steve

    I have this framed cover of Inside Pool Magazine of Steve doing his "just showin' off" in my game room. The insert is an autograph from Steve on the inside of a matchbook cover. I got the autograph at the Glass City Open held in May 1987 in Toledo, Ohio. Hard to believe that was over 30 years...
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    Capelle's Columns

    New book by Phil Capelle covering 21 years of columns. Anybody bought/read this as yet? Appreciate any feedback. Thanks.
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    Simple question for you experts on 14.1

    As many have, I drifted away from straight pool in favor of other games decades ago. Well a buddy of mine and I have started playing straights one day a week and here is a situation we came across. I lost the lag and also then fouled on the break losing two points. My buddy played a weak safe...
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    Aiming adjustment for throw

    This is my first visit to this forum so if my question has been discussed ad nauseam I apologize. OK, that having been said, here is my question. When cutting a ball into the corner and using left or right English to come off the end rail a certain way for positional purposes how do you...
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    Merry Christmas

    To all my fellow AZBers.
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    Cue holders

    In my home room I have a Q-Claw which I rest my breaking cue and player on while playing. When I bought that some years ago I saw several high end wood holders that were naturally much more expensive than the rubber one I bought. Well, now I want to splurge/upgrade and I can't find any of the...
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    Is it time for a new TOI thread?

    I was revisiting my copy of Advance Pool by George Fels wherein he extols the virtues of inside English. Fels credits Ralph Greenleaf who he states that the use of inside English was one of his great secrets. He then launches into a treatise of the value of using inside English even when it...
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    Cleaning Balls

    I have either just used Arimith ball cleaner and done them by hand or had my local pool room or billiard store do me a solid and do it for me as a courtesy for my business. I came upon a video that espoused putting a half a cup of bleach and a half a cup of water in a sink. Let them sit for a...