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  1. patrickcues

    Amboynia Ebony Ivory

    Amboynia burl forearm and butt sleeve. 4 Ivory points with a black veneer on each point. Ebony segmented handle with Ivory inlays. Amboynia butt sleeve with Ivory and Ebony. Ivory joint and butt cap. Black phenolic with Ivory ring work in all places. Brass radial joint pin. I 12.8 mm...
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    Culry koa and ivory

    Curly koa forearm and butt sleeve. 4 points of Ivory. Each point has a red yellow and orange veneers. Ivory mitered matching boxes in butt. Ivory joint and butt cap. Elephant ear wrap. Brass radial joint pin. 1 12.8 mm shaft with xtc ferulle and triangle tip. 1 Predator 314-2 shaft...
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    1st grandson on his way.

    This never gets old. I have 4 grand daughters. And tonight our first grandson is coming to meet us.
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    Bocote ebony ivory

    Bocote forearm and butt sleeve. With 4 point of Ebony. Each point has black yellow and orange veneers. Ebony handle. Matching box veneers in butt sleeve. ivory inlays in forearm and butt sleeve. 3/8x10 joint pin. 1-12.9 mm shaft with Kamui ss tip. 18.55 ozs. $1600.00 DELIVERED IN...
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    Buckeye butterfly

    This is a used cue that I took back in on trade. 3 long points of buckeye burl Each point has blue white and blue veneers. 3 butterfly points of ebony each one has blue white and blue veneers 6 Ivory starburst in butt sleeve. Silver stitch ring work in all places. Ivory joint and...
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    Ironwood burl and figured ebony

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    Ironwood burl and ebony

    Ironwood burl forearm and butt sleeve. Figured Ebony handle. decorative ring work in all places. Black phenolic joint and butt cap. Brass radial joint pin. 1 -12.65 m/m shaft with emerald tip. 19.4 ozs $850.00 shipped in the lower 48 states.
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    Wtb 3/4" x 30" laminated maple dowels

    I am looking to buy some 3/4" x 30" laminated maple dowels. Anyone know where I can get them at? Please pm me any info. Thanks
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    Buckeye butterfly

    This is one I just finished this evening .
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    A couple new ones

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    $5000.00 added midwest 9 ball tour

    SHOOTERS IN OLATHE KANSAS NOV. 20-23RD. 2014 $5000.00 ADDED One pocket starts nov 20th. at 8pm 9 Ball starts the 21st at 8pm. open and womens divisions! I just covered all the bar tables 2 weeks ago with 860 hr simonis! Any questions call Shooters 913-780-5740
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    Red wood burl - ebony and amboynia

    Top cue Ebony forearm and butt sleeve. With 5 points of Amboynia. Each point has a white black and white veneers. Amboynia segmented handle. Matching ring work at A B C D E. Ivory joint and butt cap. Comes with 1-12.85m/m shaft. Kamui ss tip. Brass radial joint pin. 19.75 ozs Lower...
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    Big dog players $5000 added shooters olathe ks.

    Midwest 9 ball tour june 26-29th is at shooters in olathe kansas. $4000.00 added bar table 9 ball $1000.00 added one pocket we had well over 150 in the last tournament call for more info shooters 913-780-5740 evelyn 316-371-5805
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    Common misconceptions

    My favorite one is; Customer ask Do you know what your doing? My answer is every time Nope But I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night!! :)
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    Ebony ivory buckeye burl

    Ebony forearm and butt sleeve Buckeye burls points and handle. Red yellow and orange veneers Ivory joint and butt cap Brass radial joint pin. 1-12.9 m/m shaft with Ivory ferulle and everest tip. 18.5 ozs This cue has SOLD!!!!! Thanks AZ!!! [/B]
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    Buckeye burl

    This cue is near complete! And will be up for sale! Thanks for looking
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    Shooter Olathe ks $1000.00 added 8 ball

    Shooters Billiards. 810 W 56 Hwy Olathe , Ks 66061 May 17-18th $35.00 entry fee race 5 - 8 ball tournament $1000.00 added based on 64 players. Race to 5 double elimination Alternate break split quarters BCA rules. 45 second shot clock 2 hour time limit player ahead if time limit is reached...
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    My 2nd full splice Cocobolo and Curly

    Thanks for looking!
  19. patrickcues

    Cocobolo and Curly Maple fullsplice!!

    This is my 2nd full splice cue that I have built! Its Cocobolo and Culrymaple. Phenolic joint and butt cap. Brass 3/8x10 joint pin. 18.0 ozs 1- 12.85 m/m shaft with a Titan ferulle and Kamui SS tip. Reduced to $500.00 plus shipping for Christmas!