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  1. DirtyIrish

    WTB: predator Z Shaft Uni-Loc

    Howdy Anybody have a good used Predator Z-1,2,3? for sale? Need not be retail I could do that To be honest I have a customer who cannot afford new ! Can you help a Brotha out?;):thumbup: Thanks Irish
  2. DirtyIrish

    WTB: box of 25 "Blue Diamond" price only

    Just like the title says Need BD Chalk for resale Thanks John
  3. DirtyIrish

    WTB: looking for a good deal on Aramith cue balls

    Howdy All I am trying to find a good deal on 5-10 Aramith magnetic cue balls Thanks Irish
  4. DirtyIrish

    Howdy,anyone making pocket chalker so for bastardized sized predator chalk?

    Well like the header asked I need to buy a supply as my leaguers are asking if. I can find the pocket chalker that will accommodate the predator chalk? Help John
  5. DirtyIrish

    Wtb:McDermott MJ-3 & M85-G

    Howdy all Just like the title says I am looking for the two cues MJ-3 & M85-G can be in any shape,MJ for Grandchild,M85 for me Thanks folks Irish
  6. DirtyIrish

    I have noticed for the first time......

    I just noticed that we have monthly drawings,and I have never knew that,what is the deal? Talk about feeling like an AZB rookie Thanks Irish
  7. DirtyIrish


    Hey guys anybody tell me the best place too buy Irish linen wrap (wholesale) Thank you John
  8. DirtyIrish

    WTB;Players Jump break cue

    Howdy WTB a specific Players jump cue Will update later tonight I have to research the model,but I fell in love with it 1st time I used it Will let all know,until let me know what you have,what you want,and how you want your payment. Thanks Irish
  9. DirtyIrish

    No sale EVER

    All I want to say is a Marine cannot be bought! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALL MARINES SORRY IF IT IS OFF TOPIC but I had to say it
  10. DirtyIrish

    Ok folks need help AGAIN hopefully this time....

    Howdy all Some time ago there was a gent selling extendable bridges with adjustable moose head bridge,he offered them in different colored handles! Now these aren't made for short folks and 8 footers BUT 7 footers (barboxes) they are great I got one for my wife and she loves it still today and...
  11. DirtyIrish

    Maybe a dumb question

    Howdy all little advice I have (I believe) a JJ older case and am wondering if Scot over at proficient does rework on bags? If not how about a good restorer? Thanks Irish
  12. DirtyIrish

    Help I need to know where (country) lives

    Hi I have to ask what country cuetips1000 lives in I am trying to send him PayPal and it keeps asking what country he is in? Help irish Oh yeah his email ends in .de is that Germany
  13. DirtyIrish

    Wanting to find glove dealer

    Howdy I am looking for a good supplier for gloves. Especially one who can get pink and camo/pink I have a GREAT supplier here on AZB but I need another one Thanks in advance Irish
  14. DirtyIrish


    Ok Whois here at the SBE that I can meet? I would love to meet some of the friends I have are over the years Irish I have met/seen Buste,Reyes and Chris Hightower,jack justice and a whole slew of cue makers I look forward to seeing/greeting some of you guys/gals Irish
  15. DirtyIrish

    Kevin V

    Hey anyone know anything of Kevin V? Also need a great USMC picture any help? Thanks Irish
  16. DirtyIrish

    Blue diamond tips and chalk

    Hi Y,all Looking for 10mm blue diamond tips and blue diamond chalk Know neither is cheap but hoping for some lee-way Thanks Irish
  17. DirtyIrish

    need two Lucasi shafts (non-uni-loc)

    howdy I am a small dealer and I am looking for a couple of non uni-loc Lucasi shafts,basic black joint nothing fancy can be used can anyone of youse guys (notice the attempt at humor) help or send me in the correct direction? Irish aka John Baker Hi Steve any chance an a refresher?
  18. DirtyIrish


    Hello everyone. does anyone know how to contact Kevin Varney other than here or email I am worried as hell I hope he is not in hospital again! Irish
  19. DirtyIrish

    need mac cue

    Hi anyone know where I can purchase a new. Mac tools Cue for a customer? Thanks Irish or for that matter who makes it?
  20. DirtyIrish


    Hope I can get some help here what anyone have a guess on a 100% condition. 1stEdition 1printing Pool cue encyclopedia? ??? Thanks Irish PS it has the 1st edition sales posters and papers w