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  1. JasonCrugar

    Return to senders

    I love hearing stories about people putting packages on someone and then have them fire back just as good or better back at em. Let's hear some stories!!! I will start off. IIRC A local pro here in az that is known for his one pocket prowess is playing a bar table tourny I was running. He...
  2. JasonCrugar

    Fun warm up game I came up with.

    This could be totally dorky to every other pool player but this is how my buddy and I warm up for bar table tournys. I call it 8 ball banks. You take 4 solids and 4 stripes and rack the 8 where the 9 would normally go. Pretty much play it like 8 ball except you bank every ball. Solid in the...
  3. JasonCrugar

    Arizona pool player thread

    I figured I'd make a thread for all of us in az a thread to talk about stuff. Maybe generate some matchups or get another round robin tourny or something going. Like gus being on fire right now winning everything under the sun. Man he is stepping it up a notch lately. Anyways hope to hear from...
  4. JasonCrugar

    Aiming systems secrets revealed

    Aim where you want to hit it, do it and it goes where you hit it. If it doesn't, change your mechanics til the ball goes where you want it to. Please stop with all these stupid aiming threads. If you want to play better, play better players and ask them questions. Quit expecting some secret...
  5. JasonCrugar

    the sub culture thread got me thinking.

    About why pool isnt more "mainstream". I thought ok from a fans perspective pool is boring to everyone but the hardcore fans. Even hardcore fans its hard to sit through hours of one pocket. (no offense to the one hole guys) But it is. In baseball fans and player alike try to " shark" the player...
  6. JasonCrugar

    bca warm up tourny in phx az come check out some 8 ball on diamonds at stingers
  7. JasonCrugar

    wpa rankings

    the have james roberts above john schmidt and donny mills above johnny archer... seems about right to me lol. no offense to donny or james as they are great players but... p.s. i know its because they played in more wpa ranking tournys...
  8. JasonCrugar

    12 ball ghost

    i have heard of this game before, how is it played, racked and so on?
  9. JasonCrugar

    Stingers (formerly sweet tooth billiards)

    new years eve bash at stingers!!! 8 and under 9 ball @ 7. 5 dollar entry and 200% payback! split quarters , free champagne at midnight,dj, great food specials, and a hell of a good time. come celebrate new years eve right!!!! more tournys to come in the future
  10. JasonCrugar

    Perfect Blaim

    im making a new dvd on how to blaim everything on anything but you. i will teach you how to accuse people of sharking, cry about bad rolls, yell at tourny directors, blaim your mom for not making you tall enough to reach some shots, bust your friends, smack your 1k dollar cue on a table cuz you...
  11. JasonCrugar

    breaknrun vs nick deleon!!

    5 pm arizona time nick and jack will be playing an all around! watch here they are playing on the diamonds at Sweet Tooth Billiards in phoenix. i think big table 10 ball is first and then full rack banks and if needed they will draw for the decider.
  12. JasonCrugar

    challenge match!

    live today at 5 p.m. from Sweet Tooth Billiards! we have Nick Deleon vs breaknrun on here. all around 10 ball, full rack banks, and the third game will be drawn if needed. stop in and watch at should be a great match!
  13. JasonCrugar

    Sweet Tooth Billiards new weekly tourny schedule

    thursdays are now 7 and under 8 ball hdcp -3. min race to 2. fridays are now 8 and under 9 ball hdcp - 2. saturdays are 8 and under 10 ball hdcp -2. and mondays are gonna be 7 and under 9 ball. all tourny's are 10 dollar entry 10 dollar greens with sweet tooth adding 5 dollars a player. side...
  14. JasonCrugar

    open 9 ball at Sweet Tooth Billiards

    sign up at 7 calcutta begins at 7:30. 10 dollar entry 10 for greens. hdcp -2. see all of you there!!!
  15. JasonCrugar

    sweet tooth billiards

    8 and under 9 ball on the 7 ft diamonds with calcutta. 7 pm sign up calcutta starts at 7:30.
  16. JasonCrugar

    Sweet Tooth Billiards

    tonight, we have 6 and under 9 ball. 10 dollar entry 10 for greens. calcutta starts around 730. owner adds 100.
  17. JasonCrugar

    mike mccuene

    if that is even his name. he looks like he has a trash sack full of pudding around his waist. he pulled some of the weakest shit i have ever seen in the past 3 days. first off he tries to hustle and does it so poorly it is more like a blatant slap to my face. he lied about a rating so he could...
  18. JasonCrugar

    sweet tooth billiards in phoenix az

    womens open tourny. live from sweet tooth. starts at 2 p.m. az time. hopefully angel and all the az ladies show up.
  19. JasonCrugar

    Sweet Tooth Billiards

    open 9 ball. 200 added on 7 ft diamonds. $20 entry 10 dollar greens fee. calcutta starts at 730.last week first place won $660 with only 18 players!!! great food, sick payouts and played on the best tables. what else can you ask for in a tourny?
  20. JasonCrugar

    Sweet tooth in phoenix!!!

    300 added 16 and under scotch this saturday at noon. fridays are 14 and under scotch. saturday nights at 730 8 and under both with 200 added. monday is 200 added open. all also have a calcutta. payouts have been pretty sick for weekly tournys. the 16 and under scotch will also be live streamed...